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Parrots and PTSD

Dot Schwarz tells us how Parrots help veterans with PTSD I believe that after almost twenty years of close involvement with pet Parrots and breeding Parrots that they are capable of empathy with their human carers and that they can suffer the same mental anguish and the same joy that we can. Emotional It reassures […]

What Does A Parrot Know About PTSD?

Here is what Parrots know about PTSD.  By CHARLES SIEBERTJAN. 28, 2016 This article was originally published on the Feathered Angels blog in February 2016.  Please click here for Dot Schwarz’s blog relating to this article.  Lilly Nearly 30 years ago, Lilly Love lost her way. She had just completed her five-year tour of duty as an Alaska-based Coast Guard […]

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