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Parrot Food

Parrot Food | Products Reviewed and How To Feed Them

  Here’s a video explaining more about Parrot food. Shop all food here. Watch all our videos on our YouTube channel here.

Lovebird Feeding Guide

Find out more about Lovebird food with our Lovebird feeding guide. A Lovebird’s diet needs to be as mixed as possible. The base diet, approx 60-80%, should be pelleted or complete food, with the remainder being seed and sprouting seed, fruits, nuts, vegetables and other treats. We’d also encourage you to place food in foraging […]

Parrot Mealtimes: All Day Or Set Times?

Anything concerning opinions on Parrot husbandry is controversial. In this blog, I shall maintain that set Parrot mealtimes have more advantages than food bowls kept filled or filled once a day. Two main strands inform my views. The Parrot’s health and the Parrot’s learning sessions. Choosing a diet Vets claim that many Parrot illnesses (sometime […]

What Should I Feed My Parrot?

Do you know what you should feed your Parrot? Read on for the answer. Parrot Food Variety Is Important It is a pretty well accepted fact that pet birds and Parrots require a varied diet, yet even some 30 years on after this discovery it is reported by avian veterinarians that malnutrition is still the […]

What Can’t I Feed My Parrot

Blog post by Liz Wilson entitled what can’t I feed my Parrot? This is obviously the sister article to my previous one about what you can feed your Parrot and this one will be much shorter. However, it never fails that when I think I know something about a subject, I learn a tremendous amount by researching before starting […]

What Can I Feed My Parrot – Part 2

Liz Wilson explains about Parrot food and what you can feed your Parrot. Welcome to What CAN I Feed My Parrot – PART 2. To read the first part of this article please click here to read it. Or click here for what your Parrot shouldn’t be eating. For those of you rejoining me let me just recap on […]

What CAN I Feed My Parrot? – Part 1

Liz Wilson tells us what you can feed your Parrot.  This article was inspired by an excellent question posted on the Northern Parrot’s Q&A section regarding the confusion caused by British vs. American names for various foodstuffs. To read part 2 of the article, click here.  Nutrition Then it evolved into a discussion of what foods […]

10 Ways to Get Your Parrot to Try New Foods

Here are 10 ways to get your Parrot to try new foods. Encouraging Parrots to eat new foods or introducing new foods such as vegetables can be tricky. Give these tried and tested top tips from Liz Wilson a try today… 1. Eat the new food in front of the bird, acting like it is delicious! […]

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