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Messy Parrots

Are Parrots Messy?

Dot Schwarz reveals more about messy Parrots. Are Parrots the messiest pets in our homes? My answer would be yes, they are. My cats and dogs go outside to poop. Both dog’s and cat’s dinner bowls are so licked clean that they hardly need washing. Messy Parrots  My Parrots?  Being an advocate of what is […]

Managing Mess in Parrots

Barbara Heidenreich explains how to manage mess in Parrots. Zookeeper Once a zookeeper, always a zookeeper. I admit I was trained well. When I started my career in zoos back in 1990 I worked for the best kind of boss a newbie could have….a stickler for cleanliness and exceptional animal care. The standards were high […]

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