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Meet Jerry the African Grey, Noora the Cockatoo and Bella the Macaw

Say hello to Jerry, Noora and Bella. Shahnaz Camatchee has written this delightful story about her Parrots Jerry, Noora and Bella. I grew up with Budgies and Lovebirds during all my childhood years in the Middle East, and then had a Cockatiel when I went to university. When I moved to the UK and got […]

Large Macaw Feeding Guide

Like all Parrots, your Large Macaw’s diet needs to be as varied as possible. Use a complete or pelleted food as a base diet, roughly 60-80%, then the remainder of their diet should be sprouting seed, other seed mixes, fruits, nuts, vegetables and other treats. Complete and Pelleted Food Kaytee Exact Rainbow Chunky provides complete nutrition […]

Meet Buddy the Harlequin Macaw

Say hello to Buddy the Harlequin Macaw. We’ve never met a Harlequin Macaw in our Meet My Parrot series before, so we were delighted to meet Buddy the Harlequin Macaw. His owner Samantha Ames tells us all about him. Harlequin Macaw Buddy is a male hybrid Harlequin Macaw and was hatched on the 3rd July […]

Meet Casper the Cockatoo and Rio and Sully the Macaws

Say hello to Casper the Cockatoo and Rio and Sully the Macaws. We love hearing about your flock. In this latest instalment of our Meet My Parrot series Sandra Dixon tells us about her lovely birds, Sully the Blue and Gold, Rio the Green-wing and Casper the Umbrella Cockatoo. About the birds I have always […]

My First Macaw

Dot Schwarz talks about her first Macaw Benni. Should someone over 70 accept a Macaw? Rationally no, but one day I will have to find homes anyway for my other pet Parrots. And living with a Macaw has been a dream. A friend for whom I’d done a favour, offered me one out of his […]

Blue & Gold Macaw Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Blue and Gold Macaw. Scientific name:  Ara ararauna Common name: Blue and Gold Macaw Click here for everything you need for Blue and Gold Macaws.  Adult length: 86cm-92cm (34-36in) Adult wingspan: about 1.1m (42in) Adult weight: males approximately one kilo but up to 1,200g; females about 930g. Potential lifespan: 60 […]

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