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Parrot Intelligence – Part 4

Dot Schwarz tells us more about Parrot intelligence. Has your Parrot recently done or said something so unusual that you are puzzled and bewildered by the apparent cleverness. Here’s an example some time ago from my pet Greys Artha and Casper’s behaviour. The square red sweet biscuit tin was often left on the kitchen table […]

Parrot Intelligence – Part 3

Dot Schwarz takes a look at Parrot intelligence. Dr Nathan Emery (Senior lecturer in Cognitive Biology, Queen Mary University of London) puts it like this: ‘The problem may be one of likeness: we look at chimpanzees and it’s like viewing ourselves in a slightly crooked mirror.   But seeing a crow and recognising a fellow clever, […]

Parrot Intelligence – Part 2

Dot Schwarz explains even more about Parrot intelligence.  To read Part One of Dot’s blog on Parrot intelligence, click here. For more information on training and behaviour please click here.  Tool using When I was at school – many years ago – we were taught that only humans used tools. This dictum has been amply disproved. Here […]

Parrot Intelligence – Part 1

Dot Schwarz explains more about Parrot intelligence. We’re convinced that our birds are intelligent. By intelligent we mean the ability to learn facts and skills and apply them, especially when this ability is highly developed. For more information on training and behaviour please click here.  Here’s a look at Parrots’ intelligence from my personal experience, and […]

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