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Free flight

Pros and Cons of Free Flight

Dot Schwarz looks at the pros and cons of free flight Let’s look at benefits as well as problems and dangers. For the handler the delight you feel as the bird soars into the air and returns to your hand when you ask him to recall is hard to describe; it must be experienced. It […]

Benni and Mina | Reflections on Free Flying Macaws

Dot Schwarz reveals more on free-flying Parrots.  Benni, Blue and Gold Macaw, took his first flight in March 14th, 2015. He was around 28 weeks old.  His flights now number over 2500. For fun, for nostalgia and because I’m a note taker, for training purposes for internet forums, I’ve logged every session when the Parrots […]

Reflections About Free Flight: Benni`s Progress and Mine

Dot Schwarz reflects on Benni’s time with free flight.  Benni completed 12 months as a free flight bird and had flown his 500th session in mid March. By July 2016, he‘d flown 565 sessions out of doors.  So what have we both learned and how successful has it been? As a learning process – 100% […]

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