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Meyer’s Parrot Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low provides some interesting information on the Meyer’s Parrot, including the foods they eat, personality, appearance and lots more… Adult length 20-22cm Adult weight   Approx 120g (nearly 9in). The small size appeals to people who do not have space in the home for a large Parrot. Suitability as a Pet It is never advisable […]

Black-Headed Caique Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Black-headed Caique. Rosemary Low takes a look at these distinctive little white-breasted Parrots which she feels have a lot going for them as companion birds: they are small, yet highly active and easily intrigued. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of caring for Black-headed Caiques. Scientific […]

Orange-Winged Amazon Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Orange-winged Amazon. Scientific Name Amazona amazonica Adult length: 30-34cm (12-13in) Potential lifespan: Fifty years. Length: 30-33cm (larger in the south of the range). Weight: 360g to 400g. Status Common; the most abundant large Parrot in many parts of its range. Click here for everything you need for your Orange-winged Amazon. Description […]

Sun Conure Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low tells us more about the Sun Conure. Scientific name:  Aratinga solstitialis Origin Brazil only in Roraima state, in the north-east corner; central Guyana, now known only from the Karasabai and Karanambo areas where it is local and uncommon. It is extinct throughout most of its former range. In Birds of Northern South America, Robin […]

Parrotlets Fact Sheet

Thanks to Rosemary Low for this interesting article about Parrotlets. Common names: Celestial or Pacific Parrotlet Scientific name: Forpus coelestis Adult length: about 5in (12-13cm). As they are a similar size to a Budgie, find items for them here. Adult weight:   25-30g Status in wild: Common, especially in drier regions. Origin: of genus: Mexico and […]

Rainbow Lorikeet Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low has kindly written this article with interesting facts about the Rainbow Lorikeet. Scientific name:  Trichoglossus haematodus moluccanus Adult length:  30cm. Adult weight: 140g. Potential lifespan:  25-28 years Status in wild:  common. Origin:  eastern Australia and South Australia. Introduced to the Perth area of Western Australia. Suitability as pets Although they are charming, playful […]

Green-Winged Macaw Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Green-winged Macaw. Scientific name: Ara chloropterus Common name: Red and Green Macaw Adult length:  90cm Adult weight: 1.2-1.4kilos. For everything you need for Green-winged Macaws please click here. Potential lifespan: 60-65 years. (It is a myth that large Macaws live to 80 to 100 years.) Range in wild: It occurs over […]

Senegal Fact Sheet

Thanks to Rosemary Low for this interesting fact sheet about the Senegal Parrot. Scientific name:  Poicephalus senegalus Adult length:  23cm (9in) Adult wingspan:  about 43cm (17in) Adult weight:  125g Potential lifespan:  35-40 years Find lots of Senegal products here. Status in wild:  Common Origin:  Central-western Africa Sexing:  The under tail coverts (those below the vent) are slightly […]

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