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Eclectus Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Eclectus in her fact sheet… Scientific Name   Eclectus roratus Adult Length 31-37cm (12-14 ½ in) depending on sub-species Adult Weight  375-50g (13-19 ½ oz); solomonensis 350-425g. For everything you need for an Eclectus Parrot please click here. Expected Lifespan  Forty years Status in wild  Varies according to location. Populations on some Indonesian […]

Meet Harley the Eclectus

Say hello to Harley the Eclectus For this month’s Meet My Parrot article we’re meeting the lovely Harley the Eclectus. Harley lives with his owner Helen Charnley. Meet Harley Harley is a 5 year old Eclectus and he was born in 2014. He lives with Elvis, a male Eclectus, three female Eclectus, Cindor, Ruby and […]

Eclectus Parrot Toy Guide

Here is our guide to Eclectus toys. If you’re unsure which toy your Eclectus Parrot would like the best, have a read of this handy guide. Foraging Toys Place treats inside the chewable or reusable foraging toys, then let your Eclectus get them out again. similar to how they’d get to food in the wild. […]

Eclectus Parrot Feeding Guide

Here is our Eclectus Parrot Feeding Guide. As much as possible, keep your Eclectus Parrot’s diet varied. 60-80% of their diet needs to be pellets or complete food, and the remainder consisting of fruits, vegetables, sprouting seed, seed, nuts and other treats.   Eclectus Parrots (especially females) can easily become overweight when fed on a diet […]

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