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Cockatoo Research Project 2013 – Part 1

We hear about a Cockatoo research project. I have always been fascinated by the natural world and became particularly interested in bird keeping at a very young age, when having received a pair of Budgerigars for my birthday; it wasn’t long afterwards that I had soon successfully bred the pair at the proud age of 8. Obsession […]

Meet Jerry the African Grey, Noora the Cockatoo and Bella the Macaw

Say hello to Jerry, Noora and Bella. Shahnaz Camatchee has written this delightful story about her Parrots Jerry, Noora and Bella. I grew up with Budgies and Lovebirds during all my childhood years in the Middle East, and then had a Cockatiel when I went to university. When I moved to the UK and got […]

Cockatoo Toy Guide

There are loads of different toy types available for your Cockatoo. Here we look at the different styles and highlight some of the most popular and highly rated toys for Cockatoos. Foraging Toys Your Cockatoo’s natural instinct is to search for and retrieve their food, now commonly referred to as foraging. With chewable foraging toys […]

Cockatoo Feeding Guide

Take a look at this guide to feeding your Cockatoo. It’s important to keep your Cockatoo’s diet as varied as possible. Like all Parrots, their base diet should be pellets or complete food (roughly 60-80%) with the rest of their diet being made up of sprouting seeds, other seeds, vegetables, fruits, nuts and other treats. […]

Meet Casper the Cockatoo and Rio and Sully the Macaws

Say hello to Casper the Cockatoo and Rio and Sully the Macaws. We love hearing about your flock. In this latest instalment of our Meet My Parrot series Sandra Dixon tells us about her lovely birds, Sully the Blue and Gold, Rio the Green-wing and Casper the Umbrella Cockatoo. About the birds I have always […]

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low reveals more about the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. Scientific name Cacatua galerita For everything a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo may need please click here. Common names Greater Sulphur-crestedCockatoo;Triton Cockatoo; Eleonora or  “Medium” Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. Identification Greater: beak black but looks dark grey (covered in powder down), large size, crest of yellow forward-curving feathers. (Crest feathers longest in northern […]

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