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Benni Takes to the Air

Do we admire birds so much because they can fly; I think so. My ambition for almost two decades now has been to have a free flier in my flock. I could not train Artha and Casper my Greys well enough to trust them outside. Have I succeeded with Benni, the nine month old Blue […]

Training Benni the Macaw

If Benni is to have the freedom of the skies, recall training is essential. During our evening sessions, Benni has mastered the recall. He’ll fly from my arm and back to a designated perch. The reward is a silver of nut. His feeding bowls never contain nuts. He has two other tricks taught by capturing, the first […]

Dot Schwarz’s Daily Life with Benni the Macaw

Dot Schwarz tells us more about her life with Benni. Benni Macaw is six months old and has lived with our flock for five months. Here’s my second report of the ups and downs in his education. He’s teaching me so much, because although I’ve worked with Macaws and had the marvellous Blue and Gold […]

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