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Amazon Parrot

Meet Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon

Say hello to Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon. In the next part of our Meet My Parrot series we meet Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon and his owner Brandon Faustino. Over to Brandon… Tell us about Oscar Oscar is a Blue fronted Amazon who was 8 months on Friday February 24th. He came home in December and […]

Meet Jesspy the Blue-fronted Amazon

Say hello to Jesspy the Blue-fronted Amazon We’d like to introduce Jesspy who is an 8 month old Blue-fronted Amazon. Jesspy lives with her mum, Corinne Finlay. Over to Corinne who answered our questions. Why choose a Blue-fronted Amazon? I’ve always loved birds, and as a child I had a small green Parakeet. During a […]

Amazon Parrot Feeding Guide

Here is our Amazon Parrot Feeding Guide. An Amazon Parrot’s diet need to be as mixed as you can make it. Use a pelleted or complete diet as the base, say 60-80% of their diet, and the remaining 20% of the diet needs to be fruits, nuts, seeds (including sprouting seeds) and other treats. Pelleted […]

An Old Parrot – Part 2

Dot Schwarz tells us more about Amazon Parrot Tiko. To read part 1 of an old Parrot click here.  Joanna The graphic details of Tiko’s wooing of Joanna are not for the squeamish reader. After five years living in the house, he chose her for his mate and courted her, finding and preparing nest sites in furniture […]

An Old Parrot – Part 1

Dot Schwarz looks at old Parrot Tiko.  Click here to read part 2 of this article.    Not many of us Parrot carers will have enjoyed the experience of Professor Joanna Burger. Along with her husband Michael Gochfield, shares her life with Tiko, a red-lored Amazon who is now over sixty years old.   Joanna   Joanna says: […]

Lena’s Story

Dot Schwarz tells us Lena and Archie the Amazon Parrots story.  Archie and Lena Arrive Twelve years ago our local zoo contacted me; would I take any of their unwanted birds? The most suitable turned out to be Archie and Lena, a pair of elderly Orange-winged Amazons (Amazona amazonica). Like most wild caught birds, their history was largely […]

Yellow-naped Amazon Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Yellow-naped Amazon. Scientific name Amazona auropalliata or Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata (depending on opinion) Click here for everything Yellow-naped Amazons need. Sub-species identification in adult birds Auropalliata:  Yellow patch on nape, reaching to mantle in fully mature birds; black cere, black beak and black tongue. Bend of wing green. Some individuals have […]

Yellow-fronted Amazon Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Yellow-fronted Amazon in her fact sheet. Scientific name:   Amazona ochrocephala ochrocephala Common name:  Yellow-crowned Amazon, Yellow-fronted Amazon Adult length: 35cm (14in) Adult weight: 380-450g Potential lifespan:  40 to 50 years Click here for everything you need for Yellow-fronted Amazons. Status in wild:  Not threatened — common in some areas. Origin […]

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