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Parrots with UV light

Why Do Parrots Need UV Light?

UV light is so important to the health and wellbeing of your Parrot. Read on to learn why UVA and UVB light is recommended, how they help and the effects if birds don’t get enough UV light This is why Parrots Need UV Light… During the summer months your Parrot will have been outside more, […]

Latest Articles

Thinking On The Wing – Part 1

At the first hint of danger a bird normally takes to flight. During the hundreds of defensive short flights which flighted birds take each day, they are quickly assessing potential dangers and deciding if they need to keep flying to avoid a real danger. These short flights require immediate and appropriate decision making abilities. The […]


About Poop-Off

Learn more about the Poop-Off brand. Recommended Poop-Off is the number one recommended bird dropping remover in the world. Three years to formulate and three years of testing were needed to guarantee a safe product around all avian species. The product is so safe it is used by the world famous San Diego Zoo, respected avian […]

Jardine`s Fact Sheet

Find out a Jardine’s favourite food, toys and more. Scientific name Poicephalus gulielmi Ornithological names Red-headed, Red-crowned and Red-fronted Parrot. Adult length About 28cm (11in) in the nominate race — the third largest member of the genus (after Cape and Grey-headed). As they are a similar size to a Meyer’s or Senegal, these are the […]


Building Trust

Liz Wilson tells us how to build trust with your Parrot.  I vividly remember many years ago having the breath-taking epiphany that you could tell what an animal did for a living by the position of its eyes on its head. What a stupendous thing! The eaters, animals that ate other animals, had their eyes […]

Enrichment For Your Parrot

Here is why your Parrot needs enrichment. For loads of enriching toys for your Parrot please click here. Enrichment is the catchphrase today for those concerned with the proper care of animals in our care, covering all creatures from our companion dogs and cats to captive animals in zoos. We assume the only animals not requiring […]

Parrots in mato grosso

Parrot Watching in Mato Grosso – Part 2

Rosemary Low tells us about her trip to Mato Grosso.  To read part 1 click here. In Brazil it is illegal to keep Parrots, except for half a dozen very common (mainly exotic) species. But still, poaching of Amazon chicks goes on in most areas.  At this ranch the Parrots are not only safe but increasing. […]

Rosemary Low

Parrot Watching in Mato Grosso – Part 1

The true, geodesic centre of South America was pinpointed by satellite. In the centre of Brazil, in the state of Mato Grosso, it is near the small town of Chapada dos Guimaraes.  There is a 300 sq km national park of the same name. During my November 2011 visit to the state of Mato Grosso […]

King's Cages

About King’s Cages

King’s Cages are the most highly demanded cage brand the world over by Parrot owners just like you!  Northern Parrots are extremely pleased to be able to offer King’s Cages to the UK pet bird keeping community. Not only are we bringing you the opportunity to once again purchase the best money can buy, we are proud […]


Peach-faced Lovebirds Fact Sheet

Find out more about Peach-faced Lovebirds in this blog by Rosemary Low. Scientific name: Agapornis roseicollis Click here for everything you need for Lovebirds. Ornithological name: Rosy-faced Lovebird Description: The wild type is distinguished from other Lovebirds by the salmon pink head and breast, blue upper tail coverts and green tail. However, the many mutations are […]

Tabletop stand

Playstands-A Good Idea?

Find out why playstands are a good idea. This is an issue about which I am often questioned and my answer is simple: YES! Find lots of great Parrot stands and play gyms for your feathered friend here.  Wild In their wild environments, Parrots move about to find different resources such as food, water and safe roosting […]

Feather plucking

Feather Plucking – Psychological Factors (Part 2 of 2)

Liz Wilson explains more about the causes of feather plucking. As explained in my last column (Feather Destruction – Environmental Factors – Part I of II), Feather Destructive Behaviours (FDB) or feather plucking are a symptom of an underlying stress. In a brief review of the previous column, environmental stressors include sleep deprivation, malnutrition, improper […]

Vitapol sticks

About Vitapol

Vitapol have been producing high quality treats since 1992 and have an extensive catalogue. We import a core range of favourite flavours as well as regular new recipes that are sure to go down a treat! Budgies Vitapol treat sticks for birds and Parrots are a naturally healthy way for you to treat your pets. They […]