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Parrots with UV light

Why Do Parrots Need UV Light?

UV light is so important to the health and wellbeing of your Parrot. Read on to learn why UVA and UVB light is recommended, how they help and the effects if birds don’t get enough UV light This is why Parrots Need UV Light… During the summer months your Parrot will have been outside more, […]

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King's Cages

About King’s Cages

King’s Cages are the most highly demanded cage brand the world over by Parrot owners just like you!  Northern Parrots are extremely pleased to be able to offer King’s Cages to the UK pet bird keeping community. Not only are we bringing you the opportunity to once again purchase the best money can buy, we are proud […]


Peach-faced Lovebirds Fact Sheet

Find out more about Peach-faced Lovebirds in this blog by Rosemary Low. Scientific name: Agapornis roseicollis Click here for everything you need for Lovebirds. Ornithological name: Rosy-faced Lovebird Description: The wild type is distinguished from other Lovebirds by the salmon pink head and breast, blue upper tail coverts and green tail. However, the many mutations are […]

Tabletop stand

Playstands-A Good Idea?

Find out why playstands are a good idea. This is an issue about which I am often questioned and my answer is simple: YES! Find lots of great Parrot stands and play gyms for your feathered friend here.  Wild In their wild environments, Parrots move about to find different resources such as food, water and safe roosting […]

Feather plucking

Feather Plucking – Psychological Factors (Part 2 of 2)

Liz Wilson explains more about the causes of feather plucking. As explained in my last column (Feather Destruction – Environmental Factors – Part I of II), Feather Destructive Behaviours (FDB) or feather plucking are a symptom of an underlying stress. In a brief review of the previous column, environmental stressors include sleep deprivation, malnutrition, improper […]

Vitapol sticks

About Vitapol

Vitapol have been producing high quality treats since 1992 and have an extensive catalogue. We import a core range of favourite flavours as well as regular new recipes that are sure to go down a treat! Budgies Vitapol treat sticks for birds and Parrots are a naturally healthy way for you to treat your pets. They […]

Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue & Gold Macaw Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Blue and Gold Macaw. Scientific name:  Ara ararauna Common name: Blue and Gold Macaw Click here for everything you need for Blue and Gold Macaws.  Adult length: 86cm-92cm (34-36in) Adult wingspan: about 1.1m (42in) Adult weight: males approximately one kilo but up to 1,200g; females about 930g. Potential lifespan: 60 […]

feather plucking

Feather Plucking – Environmental Factors (Part 1 of 2)

Liz Wilson tells us more about feather plucking. Q: My bird is a feather plucker. He’s been to the vet a couple of times, but no medical condition was found. We’ve tried med­ications and topical sprays, but nothing seems to work. He’s worn a collar for a few months now and his behaviour has changed dramatically. […]

Blue-fronted Amazon

Blue-fronted Amazon Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Blue-fronted Amazon in her fact sheet. Scientific name: Amazona aestiva Common name: Called Turquoise-fronted Parrot in the ornithological literature. Adult length: 14-15in (35-37cm). Adult weight: 375-500g. Potential lifespan: 55 years. Click here for everything you need for Blue-fronted Amazons. Origin: Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Suitability Blue-fronts are vivacious, loquacious […]

Zoo-Max leather box

Parrot Toys – The Importance Of Play

In this blog, Liz Wilson outlines why play is so important for Parrots.   Long viewed as a childish waste of time, play is now perceived as a critical component of the healthy human lifestyle. This is true also of all intelligent species and not just babies, as play behaviours have been observed in adult […]

Medicating your Parrot

Medicating Your Parrot

Barbara Heidenreich has advice on medicating your Parrot. I have an older blue-fronted Amazon Parrot. She is at least 25 years old. Since she was an adult when she came into my life she is likely quite a bit older than that. Her body is certainly showing evidence of aging. Arthritis  She was diagnosed with arthritis […]

Avian vet

Choosing An Avian Vet

Here is advice on finding an avian vet. As I answer questions for this wonderful website’s Parrot Q&A I find myself constantly emphasizing the importance of having one’s pet bird checked out yearly by an avian (bird) veterinarian. Indeed, when I was still doing consultations, I often refused to work with a Parrot with a […]

Healthy Parrot

Successfully Converting A Parrot To Pellets

In this blog, Liz Wilson advise how to convert a Parrot to pellets. How To Convert A Parrot To Pellets A sequel to Liz Wilson’s article, Parrot Nutrition.  To make the most sense of this article, please read that one first. When I finally realized years ago that my Blue and Yellow Macaw Sam was chronically ill […]