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Parrots with UV light

Why Do Parrots Need UV Light?

UV light is so important to the health and wellbeing of your Parrot. Read on to learn why UVA and UVB light is recommended, how they help and the effects if birds don’t get enough UV light This is why Parrots Need UV Light… During the summer months your Parrot will have been outside more, […]

Latest Articles

Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella Cockatoo Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low has written this article with lots of interesting facts about the Umbrella Cockatoo. Scientific name: Cacatua alba Common names:  White-crested Cockatoo, White Cockatoo Adult length:  approx 18in (46cm) Adult wingspan:  35in (88cm) For everything an Umbrella Cockatoo needs please click here. Adult weight:  approx. 500g Potential lifespan:  60 years Origin:  The northern Moluccas Islands […]

Clicker training

Clicker and Target Training

Find out more about clicker and target training your Parrot. Read more about training Parrots here.  I’ve mentioned clicker and target training in a couple of my Q&A responses, so we thought a more detailed explanation was necessary. The concept of clicker training was formulated over 50 years ago, but it has only become popular in […]

Parrot species

Which Species Should I Choose?

Rosemary Low tells us which species you should choose.  When you start with Parrots, don’t think big! Many first-time Parrot buyers start too ambitiously with birds that they literally cannot handle. Small Parrots Unfortunately I know of many sad cases in which the new owner does not allow the Parrot out of the cage because […]

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low has kindly written this article with interesting facts about the Rainbow Lorikeet. Scientific name:  Trichoglossus haematodus moluccanus Adult length:  30cm. Adult weight: 140g. Potential lifespan:  25-28 years Status in wild:  common. Origin:  eastern Australia and South Australia. Introduced to the Perth area of Western Australia. Suitability as pets Although they are charming, playful […]


Guidelines for New Parrot Owners

Liz Wilson has guidelines for new Parrot owners.  New Parrot owners often complain that there is no owner’s manual that comes with a Parrot, whether baby or adult. However, there is some basic information that all new Parrot owners can use to help ensure their future with their psittacine bird is long, happy, and healthy. […]

Baby Parrots

Important Stuff to Teach Baby Parrots

Liz Wilson tells us everything you need to know about baby Parrots. So you’ve decided you want to get a Parrot. You think they are beautiful and you know they can talk, and loveliest of all, you don’t have to walk them like a dog … so what a great companion! Maybe you’re different from […]

Parrots live

How Long Do Parrots Really Live?

Rosemary Low tells us how long Parrots really live. FACT Many birdkeepers do not keep records pertaining to their birds. FACT Most birdkeepers have birds which are not ringed and without history. FACT Many birdkeepers exaggerate or over-estimate the age of their birds. FACT Many national newspapers and others have run stories about Parrots and […]

The One Person Bird | Why Parrots Need Multiple Attachments

Liz Wilson explains why the common perceptions about our companion Parrots being a one person bird can actually be the cause of the problem. This article is filled with useful information covering areas such as rehabilitation, controlling aggression and prevention. Having lived in the world of Parrots for over 40 years, it amazes me how […]

Wing clipping

Wing-clipping Yes or No?

Liz Wilson discusses wing clipping in Parrots.  In the forty years in which I have lived and worked in the world of companion Parrots, the subject of flight feather clipping seems to me to be the most fraught with angst and passion. Rarely have I seen such blind devotion to one side of an issue […]


Household Dangers And Sensible Precautions

Liz Wilson looks at household dangers and sensible precautions.  When we consider the potential dangers to Parrots in our households, the list can be rather daunting. Indeed, it has often been pointed out how people living in industrialized nations have grown accustomed to living with a breath-taking array of deadly substances in their homes. Tortoise […]

Addressing fear

How To Address Fear In Parrots

Here is how to address fear in Parrots.  Example Have you ever been really scared? Perhaps it was a moment when you did not have control. For example as a passenger on a turbulent plane ride, or you realized someone was targeting you to pick your pocket, or you were stuck in a big crowd […]

Parrot Body Language

Find out more about Parrot body language. While Parrots might be considered to be rather noisy, babbly creatures, they do most of their actual communication through body language, not voice. This is crucial for us humans to understand if we ever want to successfully communicate with our Parrots, so we need to learn to pay attention. […]