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Parrots with UV light

Why Do Parrots Need UV Light?

UV light is so important to the health and wellbeing of your Parrot. Read on to learn why UVA and UVB light is recommended, how they help and the effects if birds don’t get enough UV light This is why Parrots Need UV Light… During the summer months your Parrot will have been outside more, […]

Latest Articles

Moluccan Cockatoo Fact Sheet

Scientific name:  Cacatua moluccensis Common names:  Salmon-crested Cockatoo, Seram Cockatoo Adult length:  52cm (21in). (Hand-reared birds often smaller.) Adult weight:  About 900g but up to 1,050g. Potential lifespan:  60 years Click here for everything you need for Moluccan Cockatoos. Status in wild:  Vulnerable. CITES Appendix I since 1989. Reason Excessive trapping of wild birds and to […]

THE GREAT ESCAPE: Recovering Lost Parrots

As the weather warms and people start opening their windows, odds increase that Parrots will inadvertently escape from their homes and become lost. Unfortunately, many of these birds are never recovered, but diligent work can often lead to happy endings. Please remember that Parrots are not homing pigeons. (And not all pigeons are homing pigeons, either!) Besides, they don’t […]

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low reveals more about the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. Scientific name Cacatua galerita For everything a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo may need please click here. Common names Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo;Triton Cockatoo; Eleonora or  “Medium” Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. Identification Greater: beak black but looks dark grey (covered in powder down), large size, crest of yellow forward-curving feathers. (Crest feathers longest in […]

Yellow-fronted Amazon

Yellow-fronted Amazon Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Yellow-fronted Amazon in her fact sheet. Scientific name:   Amazona ochrocephala ochrocephala Common name:  Yellow-crowned Amazon, Yellow-fronted Amazon Adult length: 35cm (14in) Adult weight: 380-450g Potential lifespan:  40 to 50 years Click here for everything you need for Yellow-fronted Amazons. Status in wild:  Not threatened — common in some areas. Origin […]

Older birds

Recycling Older Birds

Liz Wilson tells us about recycling older birds.  I admit that it still surprises me when people insist that they have to purchase a “baby” Parrot so the bird will properly “bond” to them. Worse yet are those that fall for the rubbish that they must actually handfeed a youngster for it to “bond” to […]

Parrot breeder

Are You A Caring Breeder?

Rosemary Low tells us whether you are a caring breeder or not.  Most of us are well aware of the fact that Parrots are intelligent creatures whose needs and emotions are not so different from our own. Parrots don’t like staring at the same boring wall every day. Pet birds don’t like a monotonous diet. […]

Patagonian Conure

Patagonian Conure Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about Patagonian Conures in her fact sheet. Scientific name:   Cyanoliseus patagonus patagonus Common name:   Burrowing Parrot Adult weight:   240-310g. Expected lifespan:   30 years. For everything you need for Patagonian Conures throughout their life please click here. Adult length:  of Lesser Patagonian 45cm (18in). This is the largest of the Conures (and only […]

What Can't I Feed My Parrot

What Can’t I Feed My Parrot

Blog post by Liz Wilson about what not to feed your Parrot. This is obviously the sister article to my previous one about what you can feed your Parrot and this one will be much shorter. However, it never fails that when I think I know something about a subject, I learn a tremendous amount by researching before starting […]

Amazon Parrot food

What Can I Feed My Parrot – Part 2

Liz Wilson explains about Parrot food and what you can feed your Parrot. Welcome to What CAN I Feed My Parrot – PART 2. To read the first part of this article please click here to read it. Or click here for what your Parrot shouldn’t be eating. For those of you rejoining me let me just recap on […]

Parrot food

What CAN I Feed My Parrot? – Part 1

Liz Wilson tells us what you can feed your Parrot.  This article was inspired by an excellent question posted on the Northern Parrot’s Q&A section regarding the confusion caused by British vs. American names for various foodstuffs. To read part 2 of the article, click here.  Nutrition Then it evolved into a discussion of what foods […]

Quaker Parrot

Quaker Parakeet Fact Sheet

Scientific name:   Myiopsitta monachus Common name:  Monk Parakeet Find lots of food, toys, cages, accessories and supplements for Quakers here. Adult length:   29cm (11in). Adult weight:   about 150g. Expected lifespan:   30 years. Status in wild:   Common. Origin:  Southern South America: isolated population in the highlands of Bolivia, then from eastern Bolivia, through southern Brazil to central […]

Parrots biting

How To Stop Your Parrot From Biting – PART 2

Here’s how to stop Parrots biting.  Please click to read PART 1 first as you will find this article much more helpful. If you are following this after PART 1, welcome back! For more advice on training and behaviour please click here.  A useful way to gather background information is to keep a diary for a while. This entails […]