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Parrots with UV light

Why Do Parrots Need UV Light?

UV light is so important to the health and wellbeing of your Parrot. Read on to learn why UVA and UVB light is recommended, how they help and the effects if birds don’t get enough UV light This is why Parrots Need UV Light… During the summer months your Parrot will have been outside more, […]

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Buffet Ball

What is Creative Foraging?

Here we explain what Creative Foraging is.  What is a Creative Foraging System? A fully integrated group of feeding devices which when used together makes food foraging a feeding protocol. The system is designed to replace the practice of making food readily accessible. Conventional feeding practices or feeding from open dishes only encourages laziness, whereas […]

Totally Organics reviewed

Totally Organics Review by Becki Dodson and her Parrot Elfie

Here is Becki’s review of Totally Organics.  When Elfie came to us, we made the mistake, like a lot of new owners do, of treating her like another family member. When we ate, she could have a little nibble of something we would take off our plate (never a good idea guys!) and she became […]

Multiple Parrots

Omega Fatty Acids: Getting the Balance Right

Find out more about Omega Fatty Acids. Fatty acids are the building blocks for fats and oils in the body, all animals including birds need them. Recent research has shown that balanced omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the diet are good for a whole host of body functions. About When these are available […]

Grass Parakeet

Grass Parakeets (Neophema) Fact Sheet

In this article Rosemary Low explains about interesting facts about Grass Parakeets (Neophema), including origin, food, colouring, breeding, housing and more. Common names in Australia:   (where different) Scarlet-chested Parrot, Turquoise Parrot. Adult length:  20-22cm. As they are a similar size to a Budgie, here are the products that may be suitable for them. Adult weight:   40-50g. Potential lifespan:  […]

Moluccan Cockatoo rescue

Parrot Rescues

Liz Wilson tells us more about Parrot rescues.  With the Parrot’s long potential life span, everyone in the Parrot world needs to confront the question of where a psittacine bird should go when it can no longer stay in its present home. After all, most medium and large-sized Parrots will outlive their humans, and there […]

orange winged amazon

Orange-Winged Amazon Fact Sheet

Scientific Name Amazona amazonica Adult length: 30-34cm (12-13in) Potential lifespan: Fifty years. Length: 30-33cm (larger in the south of the range). Weight: 360g to 400g. Status Common; the most abundant large Parrot in many parts of its range. Click here for everything you need for your Orange-winged Amazon. Description Variable blue and yellow coloration on the […]

Kakarki Parrot

Kakariki Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Kakariki Parrot. Scientific Name The scientific name of the Kakariki is the Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae (Red-fronted), Cyanoramphus auriceps (Yellow-fronted) Adult Length 25-28cm. Adult Weight Approximately 65g. Potential Lifespan 15-20 years. Origin New Zealand. Formerly abundant on the mainland, the Red-fronted is now virtually extinct there. Populations survive on Stewart Island and surrounding […]

Missing Image

Sun Conure Fact Sheet

Scientific name:  Aratinga solstitialis Origin Brazil only in Roraima state, in the north-east corner; central Guyana, now known only from the Karasabai and Karanambo areas where it is local and uncommon. It is extinct throughout most of its former range. In Birds of Northern South America, Robin Restall wrote: “…Very rare in Venezuela, only seen near […]

Yellow-naped Amazon Fact Sheet

Scientific name Amazona auropalliata or Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata (depending on opinion) Click here for everything Yellow-naped Amazons need. Sub-species identification in adult birds Auropalliata:  Yellow patch on nape, reaching to mantle in fully mature birds; black cere, black beak and black tongue. Bend of wing green. Some individuals have a small patch of yellow on forehead. […]

Old wives tales

Old Wives` Tales You Hear About Parrots Part 2

Here are more Old Wives’ Tales about Parrots. Welcome back. Lets continue from where we left off. To read Part 1 click here. For more information on training and behaviour please click here. XII. It is wonderful when a Parrot thinks its owner is its mate. When you look at this issue dispassionately, it is completely illogical […]

Green-cheeked Conure Fact Sheet

Scientific name:  Pyrrhura molinae Note that the species known for some years as the Yellow-sided Conure (Pyrrhura hypoxantha) is a colour mutation which occurred in the wild of the sub-species sordida. Adult length:  10in (26cm) Adult weight:  60-80g (depending on sub-species and fitness) Expected lifespan:  Twenty plus years. These are all the products they need throughout their life. […]

Old wives tales

Old Wives` Tales You Hear About Parrots Part 1

Here are Old Wives Tales you need to know about Parrots. If everyone knew all they should about birds, it would be a (more) Perfect World, in my opinion – and this article would not be necessary.  However, we all know just how IMperfect this world is. For you knowledgeable Parrot people, this article is […]