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Join In With Our Northern Parrots National Lovebird Day

We’ve been celebrating different Parrot species recently. As February boasts Valentine’s Day and Love Your Pet Day we thought it was only right to celebrate the Lovebird in your life.

Our next Northern Parrots Lovebird Day is on February 17th.

To celebrate the day, we’ll be holding special offers on various Lovebird products, so keep a look out for them. These are…

Save 25% on the 2.5lb ZuPreem Natural, giving your Lovebird all the nutrition they need. Was £16.99, now £12.69

Save over 20% on the Fruit Delight AviCakes for Cockatiels, a fruity occasional reward for your Parrot, were £8.99, now £6.99.

Save over 20% on the Bird Kabob Mini, was £6.49 each, but you can buy two for £5 each. It has pieces of cactus wood Parrots love to chew on.

Save over 30% on the Small Rattan Perch, that’s comfortable for your Parrot to rest and play on, was £8.99, now £5.99.

Finally, save 14% on all four colours of the Mini Aviator Harness, that lets your Parrot fly safely, was £34.99, now £29.99.
Our friends over at Feathered Friends are going to be celebrating this special day with us, so make sure you visit their page too for lots of different photographs and information about Lovebirds.

Products for Your Lovebird
If you are a Lovebird owner, then we’ve got everything you need for your feathered friend.

Ensure your Lovebird is enjoying a healthy diet by feeding them a variety of tasty nutritious food. 

Complete food gives your Lovebird all the nutrition they need in a balanced diet. Mixed seed diets come in a wide range of choices, some are veterinary recommended, others have added fruits, veggies, nuts and more.

Treats are a fun way to reward your Lovebird during training; or as a snack between meals; or to simply show how much you care.

Breeding and handfeeding foods support your Lovebird parents and their chicks during this sensitive time in their lives.

We have lots of stimulating toys to keep your Lovebird entertained when you’re not around. Lovebirds, like many small Parrots enjoy making noise, let yours get to grips with some bells & musical toys.

Adventurous Lovebirds enjoy exploring swings and climbing toys but all Lovebirds appreciate materials they can chew and shred making wood & rope toys plus more natural toys such as willow & palm toys, cardboard & paper and coconut & cactus toys a perfect match.

Reusable foraging and chewable foraging toys are great too, they keep your Lovebird mentally stimulated.

Ensure your Lovebirds stays fit and healthy and hopefully reduce trips to the vet with our Lovebird supplements.

A spacious cage to sleep, eat and play in is essential. There are lots of styles to choose (play top, solid top and open top) from but choose the biggest one you can afford to keep your Lovebird satisfied.

Finally there are lots of Lovebird accessories to enrich your smaller Parrot’s life with, such as perches, feeding dishes, hideaways and stands.

Facts about Lovebirds
As part of her Parrot species guides, Rosemary Low looked at Peach Faced Lovebirds in more detail.

Did you know for example that this species of Lovebird is extremely sociable and it’s best to keep more than one in the same aviary so they don’t become lonely?

Or that although male and female Peach Faced Lovebirds my look alike in their plumage, you can distinguish between them because when perched, the female Lovebird’s abdomen is a lot closer to the perch? Learn lots more interesting facts like this by reading Rosemary Low’s factsheet.

So there you have it, you now have lots of information to arm yourself with about Lovebirds as well as all the products they require to have the best life possible.

Happy Lovebird Day everyone.

PS: As we said, don’t forget to look out for special offers for your Lovebird to celebrate this special day. We’ll post them on our social media pages.

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