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Get Involved With Eclectus Day

It’s April, so it’s time to celebrate another of our popular Parrot species. This month, on April 20th, we’re celebrating Eclectus Parrots, together with our friends over at Feathered Friends.

Post your pictures of you and your Eclectus enjoying Eclectus Day and we’ll pick one to win a small prize.

Facts on Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Parrots are famous for being one of the few species of Parrot where it is easy to identify males and females. The male is bright green and the female red and blue.

Eclectus Day

Feeding the right food for your Eclectus Parrot is vitally important and they aren’t very tolerant of incorrect feeding. We have lots of delicious Eclectus Parrot food for you to choose from. There is seed, complete food, treats and breeding/handfeeding food.

The other crucial part of caring for your Eclectus Parrot is plumage care. Eclectus Parrots need regular baths and do not like being in a dry environment.


Read more interesting facts like this on Rosemary Low’s Eclectus Parrot fact sheet.

All you need for your Eclectus Parrot

There are lots of other handy accessories for your Eclectus Parrot. Pick from perchesstandsharnesses and many more.

We have an impressive selection of cages for your Eclectus. There are play top cages, open top cages, solid top cages and travel cages to choose from.

Eclectus Day

Something else they’ll need a lot of in their cage is toys to occupy your Eclectus Parrot’s time. Browse toys made from fun materials like acrylic and metal and willow and palm, and a big array of other styles.

Eclectus Day

If your Eclectus Parrot is ever unfortunate enough to become unwell, our supplements should help.

There are vitamins and minerals to add to their diet, illness and emergency products to treat them when they are unwell, treatments and cures that also relieve other common Eclectus Parrot illnesses and breeder products for Parrot parents and their chicks.

Don’t forget that feeding your Eclectus the right diet is essential for their wellbeing. We have a wide selection of food available.

Get everything you need for your Eclectus right here.

Special Offers on Eclectus Products

To mark this special day, we’ll be having special offers on a selection of products for your Eclectus Parrot. Follow us on our social media pages or sign up to our newsletter to make sure you hear about them first! These offer will only be available for a limited time so don’t miss out.

Save over 20% on ZuPreem Medium 3lb, was £17.99, now £13.99.

Save over 33% on the Strawberry Millet, was £5.99, now £3.99.

Save over 20% on the Dancing Foraging Cubes, were £8.99, now £6.99.

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Tabletop Stands were £24.99, now £19.99.

Happy Eclectus Day to you!

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