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Training & Behaviour

Skype Q & A on Parrot Behaviour Problems with Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich answers your Parrot questions on Parrot behaviour problems.  Party Recently Dr Susan Clubb and Terry Timberlake organized a great bash for Parrot enthusiasts called The Rainforest Parrot Party. It was held in Florida and well attended by 400 Parrot loving people. I was invited to participate too. But due to living 1000+ miles […]

Tips for Training Difficult Behaviours…Like Nail Trimming

Barbara Heidenreich has advice on managing difficult behaviours.  “Go Slow to Get There Fast” is a phrase you will hear me say over and over at my Parrot training workshops. Behaviours It’s quirky, ironic, a little ambiguous ……..and it works to help caregivers achieve amazing behaviours. So what exactly does this catchy little phrase mean?  Some may interpret […]

Stop Your Parrot From Screaming For Attention

Barbara has advice on stopping your Parrot screaming. Screaming. Somebody reinforced the heck out of that behaviour.” I said to myself.  Misty, a Double-yellow headed Amazon Parrot, lived with me for only a few weeks. She was there so that I could put some of her vocal behaviours on cue…. However it quickly became apparent she […]

Harness Training Your Parrot

Barbara has advice on harness training your Parrot. For those of you who have been to my seminars and seen video clips of Parrots sitting for blood draws and perched patiently while they receive an injection, you no doubt realized those are behaviours that were trained with tiny, tiny approximations and took some time to […]

Scale Training Your Parrot By Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich explains how to do scale training.  Ideally, you want to weigh your bird about once a week. This will give you a very good idea of what is normal for your Parrot. If your bird loses or gains a lot of weight this can be a signal to you that something may be […]

How To Stop Your Parrot From Biting – PART 2

Here’s how to stop your Parrot from biting.  Please click to read PART 1 first as you will find this article much more helpful. If you are following this after PART 1, welcome back! For more advice on training and behaviour please click here.  A useful way to gather background information is to keep a diary for a while. […]

How To Stop Your Parrot From Biting – PART 1

Liz Wilson tells us how to stop your Parrot from biting. One of the most common complaints we Parrot behaviour consultants hear are complaints about problem aggression and biting. Generally speaking, aggression is a response to fear. Perhaps your Parrot fears being locked up alone in his cage, so he lunges at you when you […]

Positive Reinforcement Training: Dealing With the ‘Cage Bound’ Parrot

Find out more about positive reinforcement. I wrote an article about the so-called “cage-bound” Parrot decades ago. In retrospect it’s a good example of how my approach to training and behaviour has changed dramatically over the years.  Back then, my approach was simple. I advocated removing the recalcitrant Parrot from its cage by gently capturing […]

Is It A Boy or Girl?

The importance of knowing the sex of your Parrot and whether they are a boy or girl Many years ago, I adopted a tiny motherless kitten. The vet for whom I worked said the mite was a female, so I named her Annie and everything was fine … until a month or two later. During […]

10 Basic Don’ts of Bird Ownership

Liz Wilson has 10 basic don’ts of Parrot ownership.  Companion birds come in all sizes, shapes, colours and personalities. They range from the diminutive Finches with their soft beeping calls, to the Hyacinth Macaws, the largest and one of the loudest of the Parrot family. Interactions with companion birds can range from a friendship-from-a-distance with […]