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Northern Parrots Pop-up Shop and Sale Days

You’ll find all the latest information on our Pop-Up Shop and Sale days here. Our next events: Cage Clearance Sale and Pop-up Shop When: Sat 17th and Sun 18th June 2023, between 10am and 4pm. Sat July 15th and Sunday July 16th July 2023 between 10am and 4pm. Where: Unit 21 Cuba Estate, Bolton Road […]

Think Parrots 2022

Following extensive consultations with all interested parties and the show’s organisers, Parrots Magazine, the consensus of opinion is that there is still too much uncertainty surrounding the Covid pandemic and little confidence that circumstances would make it sensible to hold this year’s Think Parrots show in June 2022.  We make this decision with great reluctance […]

Think Parrots 2019 Review

Dot Schwarz reviews Think Parrots 2019. There are three sides to Think Parrots.  Imagine an equilateral triangle – captioned – A Superb Day Out.  One side is commercial, one side is educational and the third side is social. Arriving at Kempton Park Racecourse in Surrey on the second Sunday in June, (previous day’s rain had […]

Think Parrots 2018 Review

Dot Schwarz reviews Think Parrots 2018. What is it about Think Parrots, the annual Parrot show sponsored by Northern Parrots and organised by Parrot Magazine? How do the organisers organise a sunny day in UK several years in a row?     The setting is idyllic, green lawns, a spacious convention hall with plenty of space […]

Think Parrots 2017 Review

Dot Schwarz reviews Think Parrots 2017. What’s the secret ingredient of the continued success of this event now in its 6th year? Not the amount of Parrot products sold and for non-commercial exhibitors showing exquisite Cockatiels or magnificent Macaws there must be something else. I believe that what binds these disparate elements together is a shared affection and fascination for Parrots in […]

The Seminar of the Year? The Parrot Society Celebrates 50 Years at Chester Zoo

Dot Schwarz gives her review of The Parrot Society Seminar at Chester Zoo. There were two aspects of this September meeting at Chester Zoo that were appealing. First there was the sense of celebration that the Parrot Society has continued to flourish for 50 years and secondly there was the serious message that the speakers […]

The Third Animal Training Conference

Mike Simmons reviews the animal training conference.  An early morning start with a 120 mile journey ahead and a weather forecast of thunder storms and showers was just the beginning of it. The birds loaded up into their travel boxes so well, even though it was two hours before they usually awake. We set off […]

Think Parrots 2016 Review

Here is Dot Schwarz’s review of Think Parrots 2016. Northern Parrots sponsored and Parrots Magazine organized the fifth Think Parrots show. It was held for the third time at Kempton Park on June 19th 2016. What a cracking good day out for Parrot enthusiasts! What a friendly atmosphere! Some of us come just for the shopping […]

The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park Review

Mike Simmons reviews The Pet Show.  This year for the second year running, I attended The Pet Show held at Stoneleigh Park on the 1st and 2nd August. This event was enjoyable to work within, but there was so much for on offer for the public to see and do as well. Animals The animals ranged from small snails, […]

Think Parrots 2015 Review

If Aladdin had been a Parrot keeper, his cave could have been at Kempton Park on June 21 at the Think Parrots Show. Now in its fourth year, it is becoming an institution. Was it the June sunshine or the presence of pet birds on their owners’ shoulders, or in spacious flights and cages that […]

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