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Liberta Cages Endorsed by the World Parrot Trust

Specialist animal and bird housing importer Liberta is delighted to announce that its latest range of Parrot cages has been endorsed by the international charity World Parrot Trust. This is the first time the charity has made such an endorsement. Liberta’s aim for 2015 was to deliver something totally unique for Parrot owners from its own-brand […]

What is Creative Foraging?

Here we explain what Creative Foraging is.  What is a Creative Foraging System? A fully integrated group of feeding devices which when used together makes food foraging a feeding protocol. The system is designed to replace the practice of making food readily accessible. Conventional feeding practices or feeding from open dishes only encourages laziness, whereas […]

Totally Organics Review by Becki Dodson and her Parrot Elfie

Here is Becki’s review of Totally Organics.  When Elfie came to us, we made the mistake, like a lot of new owners do, of treating her like another family member. When we ate, she could have a little nibble of something we would take off our plate (never a good idea guys!) and she became […]

Creative Foraging Systems – What The Experts Say…

Find out why Parrot experts recommend Creative Foraging Systems. This article was written by Liz Wilson, CVT, Parrot Behaviour Consultant. Treasurer, and Founder and Chair of Parrot Division International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants Education Vice President, Phoenix Landing Foundation Sam I recently had a chance to try out some Creative Foraging devices with my own Blue and […]

Playstands-A Good Idea?

Find out why playstands are a good idea. This is an issue about which I am often questioned and my answer is simple: YES! Find lots of great Parrot stands and play gyms for your feathered friend here.  Wild In their wild environments, Parrots move about to find different resources such as food, water and safe roosting […]

Parrot Toys – The Importance Of Play

In this blog, Liz Wilson outlines why play is so important for Parrots.   Long viewed as a childish waste of time, play is now perceived as a critical component of the healthy human lifestyle. This is true also of all intelligent species and not just babies, as play behaviours have been observed in adult […]