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Eatertainment For Your Parrot

Here is how eatertainment works for your Parrot. Busy Bird Toys Made from tough materials like stainless steel. They have loads of parts Parrots can enjoy moving around for hours. Creative Foraging Toys Place treats inside these super strong toys, then let your Parrot enjoy getting them out again. Great fun. Nature’s Instinct Again, these […]

Question and Answer with TOP’s Parrot Food

Here is how TOP’s Parrot food achieved Organic status. How long did it take you to get Organic certification? We worked for more than seven months to prepare for and achieve our USDA Organic Certification. When did you achieve it? We announced our USDA Organic Certification in December 2018. It took a while to prepare our […]

Our Top Tips for Cage Buying

Here are our top tips for cage buying. There seems to be little discussion on the subject of cages, which is unfortunate. After all, the purchase of a cage is secondary in importance only to the choice of which species of bird to get – and a cage accounts for a large percentage of the start-up costs […]

10 Things You Need To Know About TOP`s Parrot Food

Here are 10 things you need to know about TOP’s Parrot food. One of the most-asked questions we get is “what is your bestselling product?” By far, pellets are the best sellers, and have been since 2003. However, many Parrot owners still have questions about feeding pellets to their flock, and what to look for in nutritional […]

Parrot Toy Safety

Barbara Heidenreich has Parrot toy safety advice.  For fun toys for your Parrot please click here.  Apparently whenever a weird sound comes from my Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot’s cage I say “Are you all right?” Because now my bird, Delbert offers an “Are you all right?” whenever he falls off a perch or plays so rough with […]

Non-toxic Branches For Parrots

For safe, non-toxic branches for your Parrot please click here. We all want our Parrots to have a natural as environment as possible and that means giving them wood to chew on, like they’d enjoy chewing on in the wild. Here’s or handy list of some of the non-toxic wood your Parrot can enjoy perching […]

How Aviator Harnesses Are Made

Here is how Aviator harnesses are made. We’re sure many of you already enjoy spending time out and about with your Parrot in their harness, enjoying the great outdoors and the opportunity to spend even more time together. University Harnesses have become an essential piece of kit for any Parrot owner, and your Parrot’s safety […]

Why Do Parrots Need Foraging Toys?

Here’s why Parrots need foraging toys. As you probably know already, toys are really important as they provide your Parrot with lots of mental stimulation and stop them becoming bored. Foraging toys are perhaps the most enriching of all.  How does foraging benefit a Parrot’s wellbeing? Ethologist Cheryl Meehan discovered that foraging is even more important to Parrots than […]

What Types Of Parrot Toys Are Available?

Read more about Parrot toys. Did you know that the intelligence of many popular kept Parrots can easily be compared to that of a four year old child? Children  This means, like children, if your Parrot isn’t kept entertained they become bored, and boredom can lead to many unwanted behaviours. So, how can you stop your […]

How To Choose The Right Perch For Your Parrot

Here is how to choose a perch for your Parrot. Parrots need perches as a safe place to rest, play and observe the world around them. They spend long periods of their day stood on perches, both inside and outside of their cage. In the wild a bird spends hours climbing and perching on tree branches and […]