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Choosing A Parrot Cage

There seems to be little discussion on the subject of cages, which is unfortunate. After all, the purchase of a cage is secondary in importance only to the choice of which species of bird to get – and a cage accounts for a large percentage of the start-up costs of bird ownership. But a variety of obstacles […]

Why You Should Choose Manzanita

Here is why you should choose Manzanita for your Parrot. For those of you who are relatively new to Manzanita products, don`t let looks deceive you! Manzanita wood has a well earned reputation. . During the months of May through to September the body of the plant is relatively soft because of an increase in the moisture […]

Book Review: Parrots and Finches – Healthy Nutrition by Rosemary Low

Here is our book review of Parrots and Finches – Healthy Nutrition By Rachel from Northern Parrots I was lucky enough to be able to take home a copy of Rosemary Low’s book, Parrots and Finches – Healthy Nutrition for the weekend. Length At 165 pages it’s just the right length to read in full over a […]

The Importance of Hideaways To Parrots

Here’s why hideaways are important for Parrots. With their bright colours, charming characters and playful intellect it can be easy to forget that pet birds and companion Parrots are prey animals. By the very nature of their design, they have wings and are able to fly, and flight has many uses for birds, but an […]

Looking For A Parrot Shop Near You?

Here at Northern Parrots we probably have the UK’s biggest selection of goodies for your pet birds and Parrots. We may not have a physical store for you to visit, but we do have Everything for your Parrot available to buy all from our easy to use webstore – You can quickly find what you […]

10 Reasons You’re Awesome If You Buy Your Parrot’s Christmas Presents in November

Your Parrot enjoys all the toys, including Christmas garlands, crinkle stars and crackers. Our last order dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery aren’t until the third week of December, but you can purchase all your Parrot’s goodies in good time, and wrap them, well before December 25th. Your Parrot has much more time to savour all […]

Top Toy Tips

Here are some top toy tips for you. 1. Choose toys suitable for your Parrot’s strength.   2. Trying a variety of toy types helps you discover what your Parrot prefers. Toy packs offer variety at an affordable price  3.  Introduce new toys to your Parrot slowly, as they can be wary of new things. 4. Build a collection […]

Branches For Perching and Gnawing

Rosemary Low tells us about why perches are so important and advice on perching.  Perches are so important to Parrots – and yet frequently and even routinely neglected. Whenever I hear of someone building a new range of aviaries to add to their existing complex, I wonder if they have considered how they can regularly […]

Parrot Cage Bar Spacing Info

Here is Parrot cage bar spacing info.

Eatertainment For Your Parrot

Here is how eatertainment works for your Parrot. Busy Bird Toys Made from tough materials like stainless steel. They have loads of parts Parrots can enjoy moving around for hours. Creative Foraging Toys Place treats inside these super strong toys, then let your Parrot enjoy getting them out again. Great fun. Nature’s Instinct Again, these […]