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Parrot Species Guides

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Fact Sheet

Thanks to Rosemary Low for this interesting article about the Double Yellow Headed Amazon Scientific name:  Amazona oratrix Adult length:  36 to 38cm (14-15in). Adult weight:  about  500g (18oz). Potential lifespan:  60 years. Click here for everything you need for Double Yellow Headed Amazons. Origin:  Found only in Mexico, it occurs in Pacific and Atlantic woodlands, […]

African Grey Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low has more information on the African Grey Parrot. Scientific name: Psittacus erithacus Common name(s): Grey Parrot, African Grey Adult length:  33cm (13in) Adult wingspan: Approx. 64-70cm (25-28in) Adult weight: Big variation and males usually heavier – approx. 380-480g Potential lifespan: 50-55 years For everything you need for African Greys please click here. Status in […]

Cockatiel Fact Sheet

Here is everything you need to know about a Cockatiel. Scientific name:Nymphicus hollandicus Common names: Cockatiel; Quarrion in Australia Adult length:32cm (12 ½ in) Wingspan:about 50cm (20in) Adult weight: about 100g Potential lifespan: 20 to 30 years. Click here for everything you need for Cockatiels. Status in wild:Common in some regions, especially in the north. However, the long, […]