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Parrot Species Guides

Budgerigar Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low reveals more about the Budgerigar. Common name:  Known as ‘Parakeet’ in the USA. Adult length: Wild type 7in (18cm) and slim; exhibition type larger and heavier. Adult weight:  30-35g. For everything you need for a Budgerigar please click here.  Expected lifespan: Exhibition type birds about seven years, wild type double or even longer. […]

Parrotlets Fact Sheet

Thanks to Rosemary Low for this interesting article about Parrotlets. Common names: Celestial or Pacific Parrotlet Scientific name: Forpus coelestis Adult length: about 5in (12-13cm). As they are a similar size to a Budgie, find items for them here. Adult weight:   25-30g Status in wild: Common, especially in drier regions. Origin: of genus: Mexico and […]

Umbrella Cockatoo Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low has written this article with lots of interesting facts about the Umbrella Cockatoo. Scientific name: Cacatua alba Common names:  White-crested Cockatoo, White Cockatoo Adult length:  approx 18in (46cm) Adult wingspan:  35in (88cm) For everything an Umbrella Cockatoo needs please click here. Adult weight:  approx. 500g Potential lifespan:  60 years Origin:  The northern Moluccas Islands […]

Which Species Should I Choose?

Rosemary Low tells us which species you should choose.  When you start with Parrots, don’t think big! Many first-time Parrot buyers start too ambitiously with birds that they literally cannot handle. Small Parrots Unfortunately I know of many sad cases in which the new owner does not allow the Parrot out of the cage because […]

Rainbow Lorikeet Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low has kindly written this article with interesting facts about the Rainbow Lorikeet. Scientific name:  Trichoglossus haematodus moluccanus Adult length:  30cm. Adult weight: 140g. Potential lifespan:  25-28 years Status in wild:  common. Origin:  eastern Australia and South Australia. Introduced to the Perth area of Western Australia. Suitability as pets Although they are charming, playful […]

Green-Winged Macaw Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Green-winged Macaw. Scientific name: Ara chloropterus Common name: Red and Green Macaw Adult length:  90cm Adult weight: 1.2-1.4kilos. For everything you need for Green-winged Macaws please click here. Potential lifespan: 60-65 years. (It is a myth that large Macaws live to 80 to 100 years.) Range in wild: It occurs over […]

Senegal Fact Sheet

Thanks to Rosemary Low for this interesting fact sheet about the Senegal Parrot. Scientific name:  Poicephalus senegalus Adult length:  23cm (9in) Adult wingspan:  about 43cm (17in) Adult weight:  125g Potential lifespan:  35-40 years Find lots of Senegal products here. Status in wild:  Common Origin:  Central-western Africa Sexing:  The under tail coverts (those below the vent) are slightly […]

Jardine`s Fact Sheet

Find out a Jardine’s favourite food, toys and more. Scientific name Poicephalus gulielmi Ornithological names Red-headed, Red-crowned and Red-fronted Parrot. Adult length About 28cm (11in) in the nominate race — the third largest member of the genus (after Cape and Grey-headed). As they are a similar size to a Meyer’s or Senegal, these are the […]

Peach-faced Lovebirds Fact Sheet

Find out more about Peach-faced Lovebirds in this blog by Rosemary Low. Scientific name: Agapornis roseicollis Click here for everything you need for Lovebirds. Ornithological name: Rosy-faced Lovebird Description: The wild type is distinguished from other Lovebirds by the salmon pink head and breast, blue upper tail coverts and green tail. However, the many mutations are […]

Blue & Gold Macaw Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Blue and Gold Macaw. Scientific name:  Ara ararauna Common name: Blue and Gold Macaw Click here for everything you need for Blue and Gold Macaws.  Adult length: 86cm-92cm (34-36in) Adult wingspan: about 1.1m (42in) Adult weight: males approximately one kilo but up to 1,200g; females about 930g. Potential lifespan: 60 […]