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Parrot Species Guides

Military Macaw Fact Sheet

Find out about the Military Macaw. Scientific name:  Ara militaris  Description:  The Military & Great Green Macaw (Buffon’s) are often confused. The most obvious differences are the larger size and more massive beak of the Buffon’s and its lighter shade of green. For everything you need for your Military Macaw please click here.   Adult length nominate race:  […]

Ringneck Parakeets Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low has written this fact sheet containing useful and interesting information about Ringneck Parakeets. Scientific name:  Psittacula krameri krameri – African; Psittacula krameri manillensis – Indian Ornithological name:  Rose-ringed Parakeet Adult length:   37cm (14½”) African; 40cm (16”) Indian Adult weight:   105g African; 115g Indian. Potential lifespan:   About 40 years. Ringnecks are similar in size to Quakers, […]

Goldies Lorikeet Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Goldies Lorikeet. As they are a similar size to a Quaker, find everything you need for them here. Scientific name:  Trichoglossus goldiei (but almost certainly should not be classified in the genus Trichoglossus).  Adult length:  19cm (7½ in)  Adult weight:   53-58g (males heavier).  Potential lifespan:  20-25 years  Sexing:  The male has a […]

Galah Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about Galahs in this Galah Fact Sheet. Scientific name Eolophus roseicapillus Common names Roseate Cockatoo, Pink-breasted Cockatoo Adult length 34cm (13½ in): males usually larger Adult weight 300g to 400g Potential lifespan 50 years For everything you need for Galahs please click here. Status in wild Common Origin Australia — almost the […]

Golden-Mantled Rosella Fact Sheet

Scientific name:  Platycercus eximius  Common names:  Golden-mantled Rosella, Eastern Rosella, Red Rosella. Note that the name Golden-mantled has passed into common use but correctly only refers to the sub-species cecilae, which is the most beautiful. Over the years, the sub-species in Europe have been crossed.  Adult length:  30cm (12in) Adult weight:  90-115g Potential lifespan:  20 plus years […]

Blue-headed Pionus Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low reveals more about the Blue-headed Pionus. Scientific name:   Pionus menstruus  Adult length:  11in (28cm)  Adult weight:  about 250g. They are a similar size to a Caique, so find lots of products suitable for them here.   Potential lifespan:  35 years  Status in wild:  Common Availability:  They were freely available mainly from Guyana, until imports ceased […]

Black-Headed Caique Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Black-headed Caique. Rosemary Low takes a look at these distinctive little white-breasted Parrots which she feels have a lot going for them as companion birds: they are small, yet highly active and easily intrigued. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of caring for Black-headed Caiques. Scientific […]

Alexandrine Parakeet Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Alexandrine Parakeet in her fact sheet. Scientific name Psittacula eupatria Ornithological name Greater Rose-ringed Parakeet For everything you need for your Alexandrine please click here. Adult length Most males measures about 58cm including the tail which accounts for about 36cm. The female’s tail is slightly shorter. Wingspan 14-23cm (depending on […]

Grass Parakeets (Neophema) Fact Sheet

In this article Rosemary Low explains about interesting facts about Grass Parakeets (Neophema), including origin, food, colouring, breeding, housing and more. Common names in Australia:   (where different) Scarlet-chested Parrot, Turquoise Parrot. Adult length:  20-22cm. As they are a similar size to a Budgie, here are the products that may be suitable for them. Adult weight:   40-50g. Potential lifespan:  […]

Orange-Winged Amazon Fact Sheet

Find out more about the Orange-winged Amazon. Scientific Name Amazona amazonica Adult length: 30-34cm (12-13in) Potential lifespan: Fifty years. Length: 30-33cm (larger in the south of the range). Weight: 360g to 400g. Status Common; the most abundant large Parrot in many parts of its range. Click here for everything you need for your Orange-winged Amazon. Description […]