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Parrot Health & Safety

Fracture Repair in Parrots

Find out more about fracture repair in Parrots. Fractures as a result of accidental trauma, with or without underlying nutritional deficiencies, are a relatively common presentation to avian practice. Thankfully with the development of modern anaesthesia and surgical equipment/techniques, we are now very well equipped to deal with such fractures as they arise.  Cases In […]

Treating Gus for Aspergillosis

Avian Veterinary Services explain how they treated Gus for aspergillosis Two weeks after an accidental fire in the home, Gus a 13 year old Grey Parrot presented to Avian Veterinary Services with his owner describing him as off colour and having a change in his voice. This normally extremely vocal grey had become less chatty […]

Lead and Zinc Poisoning in Parrots

Find out more about lead and zinc poisoning in Parrots. Parrots are naturally inquisitive and enjoy chewing a variety of objects. Although they are mostly highly selective as to what they will eat, cases of accidental poisoning are not uncommon. Lead and zinc poisoning are the most common heavy metal poisonings we see in our […]

All I Want for Christmas is My Two New Wings!!

Avian Veterinary Services tell the story of an African Grey who had work on their wings.  Budge We first met Budge, an African Grey Parrot when he arrived at the clinic with a broken and bleeding beak tip following an unfortunate crash landing. The reason for this incident, which had been one of many recently, was that […]

THE GREAT ESCAPE: Recovering Lost Parrots

As the weather warms and people start opening their windows, odds increase that Parrots will inadvertently escape from their homes and become lost. Unfortunately, many of these birds are never recovered, but diligent work can often lead to happy endings. Pigeons Please remember that Parrots are not homing pigeons. (And not all pigeons are homing pigeons, either!) Besides, they […]

Household Dangers And Sensible Precautions

Liz Wilson looks at household dangers and sensible precautions.  When we consider the potential dangers to Parrots in our households, the list can be rather daunting. Indeed, it has often been pointed out how people living in industrialized nations have grown accustomed to living with a breath-taking array of deadly substances in their homes. Tortoise […]

Thinking On The Wing – Part 1

At the first hint of danger a bird normally takes to flight. During the hundreds of defensive short flights which flighted birds take each day, they are quickly assessing potential dangers and deciding if they need to keep flying to avoid a real danger. These short flights require immediate and appropriate decision making abilities. The […]

Feather Plucking – Environmental Factors (Part 1 of 2)

Liz Wilson tells us more about feather plucking. Q: My bird is a feather plucker. He’s been to the vet a couple of times, but no medical condition was found. We’ve tried med­ications and topical sprays, but nothing seems to work. He’s worn a collar for a few months now and his behaviour has changed dramatically. […]

Medicating Your Parrot

Barbara Heidenreich has advice on medicating your Parrot. I have an older blue-fronted Amazon Parrot. She is at least 25 years old. Since she was an adult when she came into my life she is likely quite a bit older than that. Her body is certainly showing evidence of aging. Arthritis  She was diagnosed with arthritis […]