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Parrot Health & Safety

Summer Safety For Bird Owners

Lafeber have advice on keeping your Parrot safe this Summer.  Summer wouldn’t be summer without backyard barbecues or time at the pool. But before you fire up your backyard grill or unroll the pool or spa cover, take a moment to see what steps you need to make to ensure your bird’s safety and well-being […]

Keeping Your Parrot Safe by Observing the Five Freedoms

Dot Schwarz tells us what the five freedoms mean as a Parrot owner. What’s your priority as a Parrot carer?  For most of us it’s not will they talk, love us, be colourful or breed valuable babies – it is to keep them safe. Opinions on the best way to do this are not unanimous; […]

Psittacine Beak And Feather Disease Virus (PBFD)

The avian vets, including Aidan Raftery, at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic have written this blog about Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease. Thank you so much to them. Read this blog to learn more about PBFD, what causes it and how to treat it. What is Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease? Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease […]

Psittacosis: What A Companion Parrot Owner Needs To Know

Dot Schwarz explains everything you need to know about psittacosis. Zoonosis is a lovely sounding word with a horrid meaning – an illness transmitted from animals to humans. Parrot fever known as psittacosis is a zoonotic disease that can pass from birds to us. So what is it? Is it serious? How can we prevent […]

Understanding The Scope Of Senses

Mike Simmons tells us how to understand your Parrot’s senses.  On returning from a trip to the North York Moors with my feathered companion Bald Eagle Georgia, it made me realise how privileged I am to be part of this bird’s world. Forming such a relationship requires so much understanding in order to create a […]

Find Out More About Caring For Your Parrot

Find out more about caring for your Parrot with these campaigns. October is a really big month for pets and consequently our Parrots, with big campaigns running to promote their welfare. Pet Wellness Month Pet Wellness Month is perhaps the biggest event of the month.  It’s an awareness drive encouraging you to take your Parrot to […]

Why Do Parrots Need Exercise

The Parrot University answer the question why do Parrots need exercise? Thinking on the Wing When we run, ski, ride a bike or drive a fast car and rapidly move through space our entire body chemistry changes in a matter of seconds. The reason is all of our senses of sight, sound, touch and hearing […]

The Importance of Microchipping Your Parrot

Here’s why microchipping your Parrot is important. Have you had your Parrot microchipped yet? Richard Jones of Avian Veterinary Services explains why it is so important to do this and why it is a lot safer than standard, traditional methods of identifying individual birds, such as leg bands.     For decades leg bands or rings […]

Are Birds Meant to Fly?

Dot Schwarz explains why Parrots need to fly. Feathers Parrots are distinguished from most other creatures by the complicated and renewable structure of their feathers. Like hair, fur and nails, feathers can re-grow if not irremediably damaged, but what is not always realised is that flight development in baby birds is essential for their mental development. […]

The Dangers of Teflon to Parrots

We’ve received some unfortunate news from one of our customers who has recently lost their feathered companions through Teflon poisoning. This is the very sad email we received. Poisoning “I’ve recently lost both my birds to Teflon poisoning, which happened in a matter of minutes. Although we were aware that if Teflon is overheated this […]