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Parrot Health & Safety

Sick Birds At Home: First Aid

Dr Tariq Abou-Zahr of Valley Vets provides helpful information on how you can help your sick bird should they require any first aid at home before you’re able to get them to your avian veterinarian. The Off-Colour Bird Any bird that is off-colour should be kept warm! Birds that are ill will be using energy […]

Parrot Owners Hygiene Guidelines

Below are some simple hygiene guidelines to help you keep your Parrot`s living space clean and protect them from unwanted bacteria, viruses or disease. The diseases that birds can transmit to people (zoonotic diseases) are rare and simple hygiene prevents most of the diseases that birds and humans share. Diseases Parrot fever (Psittacosis) can be transmitted […]

Pet Wellness

Find out more about Pet Wellness. We should all be taking care of our feathered friends and their wellness / wellbeing.  By pet wellness we mean two things. 1. Encouraging you to take your Parrot to the vet for regular check-ups, even when they’re not unwell. And 2. Taking care of your Parrot at home.  Here […]

Vaccinations For Parrots | Should Parrots Have Injections

Lafeber tells us about vaccinations for Parrots.  We are often asked about vaccinating our Parrots. And the answer is, well, maybe. We have limited vaccines and some have come and gone from the market — mostly gone. The only vaccine available is the polyomavirus vaccine. So what should we do? Polyomavirus at one time was killing […]

How To Keep Your Parrot The Right Temperature

Here is how to keep your Parrot the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold just RIGHT.  Goldilock’s experience with the three bears’ porridge applies equally well to the temperature at which we keep our birds or force them to endure. Parrots come for the tropics – right? So, you’d expect them to be […]

Morning Workout For Parrots

Lafeber tells us about a morning workout for Parrots. We all know that exercise is important for good health … for all species. Exercise is particularly important for our Parrots, as most conditions in captivity are extremely different from the lives they live in the wild. For example, my students found that Grey Parrots in Africa can fly up to […]

Inside The Mighty Avian Heart

Lafeber tells us more about the avian heart. The most striking features of birds is their ability to perform very rigorous functions in harsh environments such as diving deeply in cold water, flying at high altitudes, and running in hot deserts. This requires that their cardiovascular system (CVS) must be able to meet the demands […]

Responsible Pet Owner’s Month

Find out more about Responsible Pet Owner’s Month Did you know February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month? As a Parrot owner there are lots of ways you can be responsible towards your feathered friend. Let’s take a look… Diet Giving your Parrot the right diet is very important. Here at Northern Parrots we recommend your Parrot’s diet is ideally be […]

Non-toxic Branches For Parrots

For safe, non-toxic branches for your Parrot please click here. We all want our Parrots to have a natural as environment as possible and that means giving them wood to chew on, like they’d enjoy chewing on in the wild. Here’s or handy list of some of the non-toxic wood your Parrot can enjoy perching […]

Thinking On The Wing – Part 2

Here is why Parrots need to fly. To read part one of this article please click here. There are six main areas where flight is important to a Parrot… Sight The pea sized visual cortex in a human is very tiny compared to the size of our brain.  A Parrot’s visual cortex is huge as compared […]