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About Jelly Cups

Jelly Cups were launched in 2012 by ZooFaria in a pet shop in the Netherlands. It quickly became apparent that customers and Parrots loved them and their popularity spread across the continent. Since their introduction Jelly Cups have only become more and more adored by Parrots everywhere. All the Jelly Cup Parrot Jellies work in the same way; […]

About Mikey and Mia Food

Mikey and Mia food was created by Macaw YouTube stars Mikey, Mia and Shelby and their owners Nimal, Claire and Carlie. They all have thousands of followers on social media and wanted to create the best foods for our feathered friends. The Flower Power Plus is filled with vitamins and minerals. The Super Sprouts can […]

About Zoo-Max

Zoo-Max was founded in 1988 and initially only imported bird food. They soon however started creating their own bird food and in 1994 progressed even further by producing their own range of Parrot toys under the name Fun-Max. All the toys are designed and built in Canada, on just the one site so that each toy […]

About Super Bird Creations

Find out more about Super Bird toys.  Super Bird Creations are one of the top manufacturers of bird-safe toys for companion birds and Parrots. They make and produce all the toys themselves, to be used by your Parrot for chewing, shredding, foraging, making noise, climbing, learning a new skill, preening and much more.     Toys […]

About Bird Street Bistro

Find out more about Bird Street Bistro. Bird Street Bistro is delicious food you can cook in under 15 minutes. Each bag has enough to make 10 batches. You can freeze it once prepared for a week and retain the taste etc. The food is suitable for all Parrots and is quick and easy to […]

About Pretty Bird

Here is everything you need to know about Pretty Bird. Pretty Bird offer a full and complete range of specialised feeds for all birds from Budgies to large Macaws and Cockatoos. Diets Whether you prefer to use a seed based diet or a complete pelleted diet Pretty Bird can provide exactly what you are looking for. […]

About Bird Systems

About Bird Systems UV Lighting Find out more about Bird Systems.  Bird Systems is part of a bigger brand. However Bird Systems itself is designed specially for pet birds. They have been established a long time so you can trust them. They have a screw fitting bulb to use on most cages. There is a […]

About Parrot Safe Candles

Here’s what you need to know about Parrot Safe Candles The Candles and Wax Melts are the world’s first candles safe to use around Parrots.   All the candles have been tested with an avian vet to ensure they are safe.  Candles Only synthetic aroma chemicals and essential oils are used, no UV or parrafin wax […]

About Polly’s Natural

Polly’s Avian Tea Find out more about Polly’s Natural.  Polly’s Avian Tea was developed by Karmen Budai. Karmen’s Cockatoo Polly was developing health problems and Karmen wanted to find a way to help her. They looked around and realised that raw food, herbal teas and sprouted seeds helped her. Therefore they only use natural, human […]

About Busy Bird Toys

Busy Bird Toys are made from stainless steel and are designed for bigger birds.  They’re made from metals like aluminium and stainless steel, so they will last a long time and occupy your Parrot for a long time. Busy Bird Toys are designed to last throughout all your Parrot’s life. This American company was founded in […]