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Keeper’s Korner

Pip The Budgie’s Inspiring Story

Louise Gilmartin tells us the story of her Budgie Pip. About Pip Pip (previously ‘Peter’) was left alone in a nursing home after his owner sadly passed away. Her family didn’t want to inherit him, nor did the home. He was rescued by a family friend who knew we had budgies (my mum fosters & […]

Keeper’s Korner – Josh’s Inspirational Story

Read this story about Rio the Blue-fronted Amazon by Josh. This is a story that I have never told before. I first locked eyes on this gorgeous Blue-fronted Amazon called Rio when I was working for the pet shop that he was being sold at. He will be celebrating his second hatchday on the 10th […]

Keeper’s Korner – A Tiny World Of A Parrot

Here’s a lovely story by Gusti and her Senegal Uzi entitled a tiny world of a Parrot. Why have birds been associated with freedom for centuries? Is that because they have wings? Because obstacles, that for us, humans, are impossible to overcome, mean nothing for them? Or is it because wild birds fly thousands of […]

Keeper’s Korner – Phil Jessop’s Musings

Read Phil Jessop’s musings in our Keeper’s Korner feature. Having kept Parrots for more years than I will admit to, I was asked by the lovely Rachel at “Northern Parrots” to jot a few notes down just for fun. Monsters I have four of the little monsters. They are Coco an African Grey, a. Green-wing […]