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Food and Toy Guides

Large Conure Feeding Guide

Like all Parrots, your Large Conure’s diet should be as varied as possible. We suggest using a complete or pelleted food as a base diet, approximately 60% with the remainder of the diet comprising of vegetables, sprouting seeds, fruits, nuts, seeds plus other treats. Placing food and treats inside foraging toys encourages your Large Conure […]

Northern Parrots Handy Toy Guides

Northern Parrots Handy Toy Guides One of the most common questions we get asked “which toy will my Parrot like the best?”   The simple answer is that no one toy is best for all Parrot species. It takes a little bit of experimentation to work out the types, sizes and strength of toys most […]

Ringneck Toy Guide

With all the different toys available for Ringnecks, you may not know which toy is best for them. Here we outline the different toy styles available to you and some popular suggestions favoured by other Ringneck owners. Foraging Toys These allow you to provide a more natural feeding experience for your Ringneck. Hide treats inside them, […]

Cockatiel Toy Guide

Here is our guide to Cockatiel toys. With all the different toy styles available, it can be a challenge to know what to order for your Cockatiel. We break down the different toy styles and the best toys from each one for you. Plus some suggestions based on top selling and top rated toys for Cockatiels.  […]

Kakariki Toy Guide

Let’s take a look at the different styles of toys available for Kakarikis and the most popular products from each of them. Foraging Toys Some chewable and reusable foraging toys come prefilled with treats, others you fill yourself, but all Kakarikis love getting them out the toy again. With chewable foraging toys they have to […]

Large Macaw Toy Guide

Welcome to your handy guide all about the different toys available for your Large Macaw. Here we’ve highlighted the main toy types as we as some of those tried, tested and highly rated by other Parrot owners. Foraging Toys With chewable foraging toys your Parrot must chew or shred their way into toys, but with […]

Small Macaw Toy Guide

If you can’t decide which toy your Small Macaw would like the best, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the best one for your feathered friend. Foraging Toys In the wild your Macaw would naturally spend many hours searching for food. Using chewable and reusable foraging toys you can easily help […]

Small Conure Toy Guide

Keeping your highly active Conure busy, entertained and mentally stimulated couldn’t be easier. In this useful guide you’ll discover all the different styles, plus, we’ve highlighted some of the toys highly rated by other Parrot owners. Foraging Toys In the wild your Small Conure would naturally go foraging for food. And reusable and chewable foraging […]

Lovebird Toy Guide

We’re here to help you find the right toy for your Lovebird with this handy guide. You quickly learn about the different toy types, and we’ve highlighted some the tried, tested and most popular ones. Foraging Toys Like all birds, Lovebirds enjoy spending their time foraging for their food. This natural behaviour can easily be provided […]

Meyer’s and Senegal Toy Guide

Here’s our guide to toys for Meyer’s and Senegals. There are lots of different toys for your Meyer’s or Senegal to play with. Here we look at the different styles available and the most popular from each category. Foraging Toys A natural instinct for most Meyer’s or Senegal Parrots is to go foraging for food […]