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Feeding & Nutrition

NutriBerries VS Standard Avian Diets

Lafeber tells us more about NutriBerries vs standard avian diets. It has been 25 years since NutriBerries became part of the spectrum of foods for companion Parrots. When they were first rolled out the door, they were considered a bridge diet for all of the seed-eating Parrots. The idea was to have birds move from eating unbalanced seed-only […]

3 Parrot Food Conversion Methods Videos from ZuPreem

Here’s how to convert your Parrot to new foods with ZuPreem’s Parrot food conversion methods.  Converting your bird from seeds to pellets may not seem like an easy task. But making the switch to a pelleted food is worth the effort for your bird’s health and wellbeing. Most avian veterinarians recommend a pellet-based diet to […]

Northern Parrots` Organic Palm Oil 500ml

Palm Oil has once again been thrust into the spotlight following the news in April 2018 that supermarket Iceland announced they’ll no longer be including Palm Oil in its own branded products by the end of 2018. This is linked to the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia, reducing habitats for the endangered Sumatran […]

Help – My Parrot Is Overweight

Here is what to do if your Parrot is overweight. Parrots are not naturally fat. They have evolved to be light boned and able to fly. Wild Parrots need often to fly distances to forage their foods; they get plenty of exercise. Galahs Although wild Parrots often eat high fat items (think of African Greys […]

Seeds Vs Pellets

Dot Schwarz has kindly written this article about seeds vs pellets and which is best to feed your Parrot. A question to which hobby owners would all answer yes: ‘Do you want to give your bird the best diet?  Does that query have a definitive answer?  Not in the present state of knowledge. Wild Bird […]

Sprouting Seeds

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to sprout our seeds. The Sprouting Seeds, when fully developed, are full of lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your Parrot. They should be served in addition to your Parrot’s daily diet. We decided to grow the seeds ourselves so we could tell you […]

What Types Of Natural Food and Toys Are Suitable For Parrots?

Here are natural foods your Parrot can enjoy eating. Many natural items that you can give to your birds cross the boundaries between what is a food item and what is a toy.  You can find natural objects from which the Parrot will gain nourishment and also play with. But are these items collected from […]

What Should I Feed My Parrot?

Do you know what you should feed your Parrot? Read on for the answer. Parrot Food Variety Is Important It is a pretty well accepted fact that pet birds and Parrots require a varied diet, yet even some 30 years on after this discovery it is reported by avian veterinarians that malnutrition is still the […]

Find Out More About Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Learn more about Pet Obesity Awareness Day October 14th is the day to tackle the hefty issue of weight, as it’s Pet Obesity Awareness Day. It’s organised by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. The ideal weight of your Parrot depends on the species themselves. Speak to your local vet, who should be able to advise you on […]

A Critical Look At The Question Of Handfeeding Parrots: Nurture vs Nature

Eb Cravens tells us more about handfeeding Parrots.  During one recent internet avicultural discussion, the topic arose of why handfeeding of psittacine chicks for the pet market has become such a prevalent practice. Not only is human feeding of baby Parrots widely acceptable, it has evolved into almost a “rule” amongst many commercial and hobby […]