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Feeding & Nutrition

Fresh Foods Your Parrot Will Love

Dot Schwarz explains how to incorporate fresh foods into your Parrot’s diet. How keen are you to incorporate green stuffs into your bird’s feeding regime? Parrot Diet  Live green foods form the major part of a wild Parrots’ diet. They use trees to live in, to nest in, forage fruits and berries from, to hide […]

The Parrot Training Diet? by Barbara Heidenreich

I decided to write about this topic because people who have signed up for my mailing list automatically get sent a series of three video clips in which I demonstrate how I trained my Amazon Parrot to let me trim his nails. Some of the questions I keep getting are “What are you feeding him that he like so […]

How to Stop Your Parrot From Becoming Obese

Parrots kept in captivity can be at risk of becoming obese when given too much food and too little exercise. About It’s not rocket science, but this is a good solid fact for any owner to know. Parrots kept in captivity rely completely on us to keep them bright eyed and healthy, so they are […]

Parrot Nutrition

Parrot Nutrition, Liz Wilson explains what Parrots need to eat for a healthy and well balanced diet, what the best foods for birds are and which aren’t. For safe foods your Parrot can eat please click here. I started my career as a veterinary technician in the early 1970s (before they invented dirt). I had already […]

Why Parrots Need Fats In Their Diet

Fat is a macronutrient which plays a vital role in keeping your bird healthy. All birds need to have some bioavailable fat in their diet. Including healthy fats in your Parrot’s diet is essential for many bodily functions, these include: Source of energy Absorption of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) Immune system […]

Why Do Parrots Need Protein?

Protein is a macronutrient which plays a vital role in keeping your bird healthy. Including protein in your Parrot’s diet is essential for many bodily functions, these include: Feather growth Building and repairing tissue Hormone production and regulation Metabolism regulation Immune system support A diet lacking in protein can cause poor body condition, poor feather […]

How To Sprout Parrot Seeds

Spouting seeds, grains and legumes is a fantastic way of providing nutrients, minerals and a source of protein to your bird. When seeds are sprouted, the fat reserve is used up during germination which makes them healthier and easier to digest. Which Seeds Can Be Sprouted?  Not all seeds, grains and legumes can be sprouted, […]

Safe Seeds For Parrots

Seeds and grains are a natural part of a Parrot’s diet, but as with all things, they should be fed in moderation. Many seeds have a higher fat content, so feeding them as the main part of your bird’s diet will often lead to an imbalance of nutrition and potential health problems. However, if you provide […]

Tough Love Plan

Here’s how the tough love plan works Add two new food dishes Method Start by placing a few extra food dishes in your bird’s cage. Put one next to your bird’s highest perch, typically where they sleep. Place the second food dish lower in the cage where you would normally feed your bird. This method […]

Slow And Steady Plan

Find out more about the Slow and Steady Plan Day 1 – Remove the old food In the evening, take your old food out of the cage. The goal is to take away food at night so that your bird is hungry in the morning and more apt to try new food. Make sure they […]