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Bird Days

Celebrate Macaw Day With Us

Military, Blue and Yellow, Green-Winged, Scarlet, Hyacinth…there are so many species of Macaw and we’re going to be celebrating them all on our Northern Parrots Macaw Day on July 15th. This month it’s the turn of one of the larger Parrot species, the Macaw, to take centre stage. Facts About Macaws Rosemary Low has written […]

Pet Appreciation Week

Do you love your Parrot? Of course you do. Well Pet Appreciation Week is the time to show it even more than you might do normally. We’ve just started Pet Appreciation Week, as it always takes place in the first full week of June, so this year it’s happening from Monday June 1st to Sunday […]

Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day on May 17th is very important, because although Parrots are very popular as companion animals, in the wild their numbers are decreasing.   Popular bird website The Bird Channel compiled a list in 2013 of all the endangered species of Parrots globally. Sadly it seems that many of these species are still under threat. You can […]

What is National Pet Month all About?

The month long celebrations begins on April 1st and doesn’t officially end until May 4th, so you’ve got plenty of time to get involved. National Pet Month is a registered charity that works with animal welfare charities, pet companies, professional organisations and pet lovers to improve the welfare of pets. Goals  The goals of the month […]

Show your Parrot how much you love them on Love Your Pet Day

How much do you love your Parrot? A lot we’d imagine and now’s the time to show it, as it’ll soon be Love Your Pet Day on February 20th. The exact origins of the day are unknown, but our guess is it was started because of Valentine’s Day happening six days earlier, and people wanted […]

Who’s Joining Us For Meyer`s and Senegal Day?

Find out more about Meyers and Senegals Day. We’ve been celebrating many of our popular Parrot species over the past few months, and this September it’s two birds in one, when we celebrate Meyers and Senegals, both members of the Poicephalus family. We’ll be celebrating these lovely Parrots on September 16th.  Learn more about Meyers […]

Join In With Our Quaker Parrot Day Celebrations

Learn more about Quaker Parrot Day. Another month, another of our wonderful Parrot species to celebrate. This month we’re celebrating the incredible Quaker. Our #QuakerParrotDay is taking place on August 19th, and we’d love it if as many Quaker owners and their Parrots got involved using the #QuakerParrotDay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our Facebook friends, Feathered Friends, will be […]

World Parrot Day

World Parrot Day is one of our favourite days of the year, and is fast approaching! Here is more information on the day and how you can celebrate with our feathered friends on May 31st. About World Parrot Day Founded on May 31st 2004 by the World Parrot Trust. Now in its 13th year, its […]

Learn About World Animal Day

Find out more about World Animal Day. On October 4th the world is coming together to celebrate all our different animals, so of course we’re celebrating our Parrots. Of course we love and care for our Parrots all year round, but on this day in particular it’s a chance to look at ways to improve their […]

Celebrate Exotic Pet Awareness Day

During the first fortnight in August, a special day takes place, Exotic Pet Awareness Day. Our Parrots are classed as exotic species, so we thought we’d get involved too for this year’s event on Friday August 3rd. Exotic Pet Awareness Day has been a big success every year.  It’s the perfect time to celebrate our exotic […]