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Avian Articles

How to Stop – or Reduce – Screaming in Parrots

Liz Wilson explains how to stop your Parrot from screaming. Naturally Noisy In the world of Parrots, there are certain species of birds that are famous for the level of racket they can produce. Generally speaking, the large Cockatoos and Macaws lead that list. For everything you need for Parrots go to our website here. Indeed, […]

What Does Your Bird’s Poop Tell You?

Dot Schwarz explains what studying your bird’s poop can tell you. How To Understand The Health Of Your Parrot From Their Poop Should the study of Parrot poop be considered an art or a science (or a waste of time?) One authority I consulted named the study Poopology – so here are some guide lines […]

Caring For Older Parrots

Caring for older Parrots, Dot Schwarz reveals how to care for older Parrots, shares examples of long lived birds and a lot more. One of the best avian vets I know, Alan Jones told me, when we were discussing Parrot longevity that ‘borne out by my experience in 40 years as an avian veterinarian, many African […]

Which Parrot is Right for Me?

For everything you need for your Parrot please click here. It should be stated from the outset that no stranger can tell you what kind of Parrot would work out best in your household. Only you can do that. However, in this article I will offer some of insights into various psittacine species, based on my […]

What’s Your Parrot’s Play Personality?

Use this article to determine your Parrot’s play personality.  This article was originally published by Lafeber in April 2015. Book In the best-selling book, “Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul,” (2009) author Stuart Brown, M.D. validates the importance of play in the lives of both people and animals. “ Play lets […]

What We Can Learn From Parrots

Into my third decade of Parrot husbandry, I ‘d like to share some of the techniques and methods that I’ve learned from teachers, breeders, friends, books and Internet searches and even more importantly what my Parrots have taught me about themselves and how it’s changed my thinking.   I hope that I’ve taught them some […]

Socialising A Parrot With Family Members And Friends

Bucktons explain how to help your Parrot with socialising Pet birds, particularly Parrots, are extremely social creatures and given the right training, will enjoy being the life and soul of any party. Social Wellbeing Being out and about in the fresh air and meeting new people will greatly benefit the health and wellbeing of your […]

Parrots And Cages

Elaine Henley explains more about Parrots and cages.  Elaine Henley P.G.Dip CABC Clinical Animal Behaviourist There are many articles written to assist caregivers with making a choice about which cage to purchase. These articles generally provide caregivers with information relative to choosing the proper size (bigger is better), safety issues, cage styles, cage composition, and […]

Tips to Support Your Parrot After Lockdown

Here are our top tips to help your Parrot after lockdown. Our Parrots have got used to us being around  during lockdown, but now we’re out and about more and  going back to work etc, it’s a big change for them. Here are some tips to help your Parrot cope with being alone. Tips – […]

Expanding the Flock

Liz Wilson explains what to think about before expanding your flock. WHY Do You Want Another Bird? So you are considering getting another Parrot, yes? May I ask why? Are you hoping another Parrot will help to “fix” a behaviour problem in your first bird? If so, please don’t. Parrots are quick learners and certainly learn from […]