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Parrot Nutrition

Parrot Nutrition, Liz Wilson explains what Parrots need to eat for a healthy and well balanced diet, what the best foods for birds are and which aren’t. For safe foods your Parrot can eat please click here. I started my career as a veterinary technician in the early 1970s (before they invented dirt). I had already […]

Pet Parrot Nutrition

All you need to know about pet Parrot nutrition. There are 3-400 species of psittacine (Parrot like) birds on planet earth, coming from many different continents and habitats. A significant number of species are kept as pet birds, from a multitude of different environments.  Why Seed Based Diets Are Not Ideal In nature, only a very […]

Sick Birds At Home: First Aid

Dr Tariq Abou-Zahr of Valley Vets provides helpful information on how you can help your sick bird should they require any first aid at home before you’re able to get them to your avian veterinarian. The Off-Colour Bird Any bird that is off-colour should be kept warm! Birds that are ill will be using energy […]