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Steve Hartman

How Aviator Harnesses Are Made

Here is how Aviator harnesses are made. We’re sure many of you already enjoy spending time out and about with your Parrot in their harness, enjoying the great outdoors and the opportunity to spend even more time together. University Harnesses have become an essential piece of kit for any Parrot owner, and your Parrot’s safety […]

Are You Teaching Your Parrot To Bite? | Why Parrots Bite

Steve Hartman of The Parrot University tells us what to do if you’re teaching your Parrot to bite. A significant but seldom noticed issue many pet birds deal with is being forced to interact with strangers they do not trust. In almost all cases a well-adjusted flighted pet bird will hesitate, possibly fly a few […]

How Do Parrots Learn to Talk? How Parrots Communicate

The Parrot University answer the question How do Parrots learn to talk? Does it talk?” is first question people usually ask when they meet a Parrot. And many bird owners admit that the potential to communicate with a pet in ‘our language’ is a primary reason they became interested in birds in the first place. […]

Five Top Tips To Teach Your Parrot To Speak

Here are five simple tips developed by Steve Hartman of The Parrot University to help you teach your Parrot to talk. To read the first part of the article, where Steve discusses how Parrots talk, click here. 1. Expose your baby to adult birds of the same species so he can learn his own species verbal […]

Why Do Parrots Need Exercise

The Parrot University answer the question why do Parrots need exercise? Thinking on the Wing When we run, ski, ride a bike or drive a fast car and rapidly move through space our entire body chemistry changes in a matter of seconds. The reason is all of our senses of sight, sound, touch and hearing […]

How To Potty Train Your Parrot In 72 Hours

Here is how to potty train your Parrot. Parrots in the wild develop a habit of defecating in certain areas and under certain conditions as a matter of survival. We know most breeding hens will sit on eggs all night long without leaving the nest and defecating. We know Parrots that are territorial during their […]