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Teach Your Parrot To Wave by Sara Houston

Here is how to teach your Parrot to wave.   Trick Wave was the first trick Sara ever taught Scout. It felt like it took forever for her to get it right (mainly because it was her and Scout’s first trick and she had to learn to learn) but Sara loved the feeling when Scout started […]

Teach Your Parrot To Turn Around By Sara Houston

Here is how to teach your Parrot to turn around.  We hope you’re enjoying our journey into trick training and having lots of fun. This time our trick is Turn Around. It’s another fun trick to teach your Parrot and you can impress your friends with your birdie’s dancing twirls. There are two ways to […]

Teach Your Parrot to Step Up by Sara Houston

Here is how to teach your Parrot to step up. Step Up One of the most important things a Parrot can learn is to step up. It allows us to get them out of their cage, move them places or get them down from an unsafe location. It also helps us be able to put […]

Teach Your Parrot Bowling By Sara Houston

Here is how to teach your Parrot bowling. I hope you’re all getting on well with your trick training and it’s inspiring you to train more. In this blog we’re looking at the bowling trick. This is another one of my favourites. It looks great and it’s probably our most requested trick. The great thing is, it’s […]

Teach Your Parrot To Fetch By Sara Houston

Here is how to teach your Parrot to fetch. Fetch is lots of fun and it’s quite easy to teach. It’s also the basis for so many other tricks, including: fetching objects to a shopping trolley, getting them to put hoops on pegs, shape colour sorting in a box and so much more. Your bird can […]

Trick Training Overview by Sara Houston

Learn the basics of trick training by Sara Houston, who has taught her Senegal Scout lots of tricks. We’re going to be breaking down tricks but before we do that let’s look at some bits to help us prepare. Trick training overview: Training tips: – Don’t rush to progress to the next step. If you […]

Target Training by Sara Houston

Sara tells us how to teach your Parrot target training.  Target Training Today we’re going to look at a trick called Target. Target is where we’ll ask our Parrots to touch the end of an object (such as a target stick). From there we can get them to follow the stick so we can position […]

Teach Your Parrot With Clicker Training by Sara Houston

Using a clicker To click or not to click, that is the question.One of the most common questions is “do I need a clicker to teach tricks?”. The simple answer is no, you don’t. If the idea of using a clicker puts you off training, forgot the clicker, just give training a go. If you […]

Northern Parrots Trick Training Academy with Sara Houston

Sara tells us more about the trick training academy.  Introduction How many times have you seen videos of Parrots doing tricks and wished you could give it a go yourself? Maybe you wanted to but were put off by thinking it’s too complicated, you don’t have the time or your bird would never do that? […]

How I Taught My Parrot to Slam Dunk!

Here’s how to teach your Parrot slam dunk. Meet Scout, my almost 2 year old Senegal Parrot. She knows somewhere in the region of 15 trained behaviours, including wave, flighted recall and even a spot of bowling! We’re always working on new ones together and have a lot of fun training.  Background  A few weeks […]