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Northern Parrots

Meet My Parrots – Pickles and Charlie The Quaker Parrots

Sarah Ward tells us about her two Quaker Parrots Pickles and Charlie. Why did you choose a Quaker Parrot? I choose Quakers because they are easy to train and just lovely little floofy birds that like to cuddle. What are Pickles and Charlie’s favourite food? The favourite foods are fresh chopped veg and Lafeber’s El […]

Meet My Parrot – Triss the Green-cheeked Conure

Becca Hill tells us about Triss the Green-cheeked Conure. Tell us about Triss Triss is a Pineapple Green cheek-Conure. This is a small species from a wide area of South America. She is nearly 7 years old and we have had her since she was 8 weeks old. Triss came from a breeder of Green-cheeks […]

Pip The Budgie’s Inspiring Story

Louise Gilmartin tells us the story of her Budgie Pip. About Pip Pip (previously ‘Peter’) was left alone in a nursing home after his owner sadly passed away. Her family didn’t want to inherit him, nor did the home. He was rescued by a family friend who knew we had budgies (my mum fosters & […]

Find An Avian Vet

As discussed in Liz Wilson’s article “Choosing an Avian Vet” there are several ways of finding a good avian vet, not least of which is personal recommendation. As we wouldn’t want to miss out good Avian vets we’re not acquainted with, we’ve instead provided a list of vets with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Zoo Medicine […]

About Zoo-Max

Zoo-Max was founded in 1988 and initially only imported bird food. They soon however started creating their own bird food and in 1994 progressed even further by producing their own range of Parrot toys under the name Fun-Max. All the toys are designed and built in Canada, on just the one site so that each toy […]

Celebrating Your Parrot’s Hatchday or Gotcha Day

    Is your Parrot’s hatchday or gotcha day coming up? If so, and we know about it, keep your eyes peeled for thier special shoutout on our social media channels. Want to let us know about your Parrot’s Hatchday or Gotcha Day? DM (Direct Message) us a cute pic of your Parrot, their name, species and the date of […]

The Importance Of Preventative Medicine In Birds

The team at Avian Veterinary Services explain why you should take your Parrot for regular health checks. They also discuss some of the health issues that can be picked up by taking your Parrot for a check. Vaccinations In most other branches of veterinary medicine companion animals present for annual vaccinations to prevent the development of some of […]

Tips to Support Your Parrot After Lockdown

Here are our top tips to help your Parrot after lockdown. Our Parrots have got used to us being around  during lockdown, but now we’re out and about more and  going back to work etc, it’s a big change for them. Here are some tips to help your Parrot cope with being alone. Tips – […]

About Joan’s North Wales Parrot Rescue Charity Shop

Find out more about Joan’s North Wales Parrot Rescue.  Joan from Joan’s North Wales Parrot Rescue recently contacted us to let us know they are the only Parrot rescue shop in the whole of the UK. We’ve done some googling ourselves and it seems Joan is right, there doesn’t appear to be any other charity […]

About Problem Parrots

Problem Parrots are one of the UK’s biggest bird charities. Many of the staff has previously worked with other bird organisations and also have many years’ experience dealing with issues pet Parrots encounter, like feather plucking, biting and screaming. The directors at the company realised many owners needed help with their birds at home. Therefore […]