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Liz Wilson

Calcium, Vitamin D & Specialised Lighting

Liz Wilson explains more about UV light and lighting. There is much discussion on the internet about diet and about specialised lighting and its importance for Parrots, often discussed by those who have passionate opinions … but unfortunately little factual knowledge about this subject. UV Light This small detail does not, however, deter them from […]

How to Stop – or Reduce – Screaming in Parrots

Liz Wilson explains how to stop your Parrot from screaming. Naturally Noisy In the world of Parrots, there are certain species of birds that are famous for the level of racket they can produce. Generally speaking, the large Cockatoos and Macaws lead that list. For everything you need for Parrots go to our website here. Indeed, […]

Choosing A Parrot Cage

Here’s some advice on choosing a Parrot cage. There seems to be little discussion on the subject of cages, which is unfortunate. After all, the purchase of a cage is secondary in importance only to the choice of which species of bird to get – and a cage accounts for a large percentage of the start-up costs […]

Which Parrot is Right for Me?

For everything you need for your Parrot please click here. It should be stated from the outset that no stranger can tell you what kind of Parrot would work out best in your household. Only you can do that. However, in this article I will offer some of insights into various psittacine species, based on my […]

Expanding the Flock

Liz Wilson explains what to think about before expanding your flock. WHY Do You Want Another Bird? So you are considering getting another Parrot, yes? May I ask why? Are you hoping another Parrot will help to “fix” a behaviour problem in your first bird? If so, please don’t. Parrots are quick learners and certainly learn from […]

Is Your Parrot Getting Enough Sleep?

Here’s how to tell if your Parrot is getting enough sleep. As we all know, an important component of health is getting enough sleep at night. We have all read about the serious long-term problems that can arise when people don’t get sufficient rest, and the same is true of our Parrots. Species We also […]

Fireworks And Your Parrot

Liz Wilson has advice on helping your Parrot manage fireworks. This time of year in the UK, you encounter the same problem we Americans see on the 4th of July – when the explosions and bright lights of fireworks tend to frighten our companion Parrots. Our countries also share this type of celebration on New Year’s […]

Parrot Rescues

Liz Wilson tells us more about Parrot rescues.  With the Parrot’s long potential life span, everyone in the Parrot world needs to confront the question of where a psittacine bird should go when it can no longer stay in its present home. After all, most medium and large-sized Parrots will outlive their humans. Plus, there […]

Old Wives` Tales You Hear About Parrots Part 2

Here are more Old Wives’ Tales about Parrots. Welcome back. Lets continue from where we left off. To read Part 1 click here. For more information on training and behaviour please click here. XII. It is wonderful when a Parrot thinks its owner is its mate. When you look at this issue dispassionately, it is completely illogical […]

Old Wives` Tales You Hear About Parrots Part 1

Here are Old Wives’ Tales you need to know about Parrots. If everyone knew all they should about birds, it would be a (more) Perfect World, in my opinion – and this article would not be necessary.  However, we all know just how IMperfect this world is. For you knowledgeable Parrot people, this article is […]