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Eb Cravens

Applying The Three Basic Animal Needs To Parrots

Eb Cravens explains how animal needs can meet your Parrot’s needs.  On an episode of “The Dog Whisperer,” host and teacher Cesar Millan took the time to articulate the three basic emotional needs of a contented pet dog. Exercise, Mental Stimulus and Affection “Exercise, mental stimulus, and affection were the indispensable ingredients owners must provide […]

A Critical Look At The Question Of Handfeeding Parrots: Nurture vs Nature

Eb Cravens tells us more about handfeeding Parrots.  During one recent internet avicultural discussion, the topic arose of why handfeeding of psittacine chicks for the pet market has become such a prevalent practice. Not only is human feeding of baby Parrots widely acceptable, it has evolved into almost a “rule” amongst many commercial and hobby […]

How And Why Delayed Fledging Helps Young Parrots

Eb Cravens explains how delayed fledging helps Parrots. Last summer, when we were delightedly hand-feeding seven Yellow Fronted Amazon and three Fuscicollis Cape Parrot chicks, I encountered a predicament.  When the ‘kids’ were eight and nine weeks old respectively, I left Hawaii for ten days to fulfill a commitment to speak at a symposium on the mainland. Process As […]

Alternative Foodstuffs Our Parrots Love To Eat

Find out more about alternative foodstuffs Parrots like eating.  Over the years my wife April and I have worked with quite a few psittacines that were also “picky” eaters. Sometimes it would take months to change the diet habits of birds kept in mundane, every-day-the-same-food environments. As we continued to read more about natural nutritional […]