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Dot Schwarz

Parrot Intelligence – Part 1

Dot Schwarz explains more about Parrot intelligence. We’re convinced that our birds are intelligent. By intelligent we mean the ability to learn facts and skills and apply them, especially when this ability is highly developed. For more information on training and behaviour please click here.  Here’s a look at Parrots’ intelligence from my personal experience, and […]

One, Two Or Many Parrots – Which is Best?

Dot Schwarz tells us whether you should keep many Parrots or just one. Parrot keeping is far more of an art than a science. That is part of its fascination. You cannot devise a laboratory experiment to prove which situation is of greater benefit to the Parrot – a sole Parrot living with people or […]

Help – My Bird Bites By Dot Schwarz | Stop Your Parrot Biting

Dot Schwarz explains what to do if your bird bites. Yes, they can bite. One of Casper Grey’s party tricks is opening a can of Coke. Artha my other Grey is 15. She’s never bitten anyone. I believe this is part nature and part nurture. Artha’s mother, an ex-pet, was an exceedingly gentle bird. Artha […]

Lena’s Story

Dot Schwarz tells us Lena and Archie the Amazon Parrots story.  Archie and Lena Arrive Twelve years ago our local zoo contacted me; would I take any of their unwanted birds? The most suitable turned out to be Archie and Lena, a pair of elderly Orange-winged Amazons (Amazona amazonica). Like most wild caught birds, their history was largely […]

A Day Out To Treasure | Review Of Think Parrots 2014

Dot Schwarz reviews Think Parrots 2014. What a lovely day: Parrots, shopping, friends and information. The third annual ultimate bird show Think Parrots took place at Kempton Park Racecourse on June 22nd. Show Parrots Magazine and Northern Parrots have found a winning formula! As far as I know, it is still the only non breeding […]

You Cook for Parrots?

Dot Schwarz explains how to cook for Parrots. You Cook for Parrots? Yes, and for my Parakeets as well. I’m used to incredulous smiles from non-Parrot people but on this forum I expect that you, rather than laugh at me, will either be in a similar position or might be tempted to try some of […]

Lost But Not Forever

Here’s what to do if your Parrot is lost.  Many accidents can be prevented by forethought but not all. Am I especially careless? I do seem to have had rather more close calls than I should have.  I allow my four pet Parrots most evenings into the bungalow I share with husband Wal, two dogs a […]

Harness Training Pros and Cons

Dot Schwarz explains more about harness training your Parrot.   The use of a harness on pet Parrots to take them out of doors is still unusual. Is the training difficult? That’s a question like how long is a piece of string. Any bird from Cockatiels to Macaws can be harness trained…   But what are the […]

How I Became a Parrot Lady

Dot Schwarz explains how she became a Parrot lady. I’m often asked. ‘How did you get so involved with Parrots?’ The questioner is puzzled both by the size of the aviary and the sight of most rooms in our bungalow festooned with Parrot paraphernalia. The answer’s bittersweet. Had tragedy not intervened, I would probably have […]

How To Give Parrots The Best Nutrition

 Dot Schwarz explains how giving your Parrot the best nutrition is possible. Since vets say that so much of their clients present them with Parrots who are ill fed. You have a Parrot or Parrots, and you want them to have the BEST nutrition. With that aim in view you research books, articles, internet sites […]