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Dot Schwarz

Benni Takes to the Air

Do we admire birds so much because they can fly; I think so. My ambition for almost two decades now has been to have a free flier in my flock. I could not train Artha and Casper my Greys well enough to trust them outside. Have I succeeded with Benni, the nine month old Blue […]

Why I Will Be Going to Think Parrots on June 21st

I am going to the fourth Think Parrots on June 21st at Kempton Park Racecourse. Are you? My (not too pressing) problem will be which of my four pet Parrots would enjoy the outing most. The two Greys have attended for the last three years. Would young Benni the Blue and Gold Macaw (he’ll be 10 […]

Training Benni the Macaw

If Benni is to have the freedom of the skies, recall training is essential. During our evening sessions, Benni has mastered the recall. He’ll fly from my arm and back to a designated perch. The reward is a silver of nut. His feeding bowls never contain nuts. He has two other tricks taught by capturing, the first […]

Are Birds Meant to Fly?

Dot Schwarz explains why Parrots need to fly. Feathers Parrots are distinguished from most other creatures by the complicated and renewable structure of their feathers. Like hair, fur and nails, feathers can re-grow if not irremediably damaged, but what is not always realised is that flight development in baby birds is essential for their mental development. […]

Dot Schwarz’s Daily Life with Benni the Macaw

Dot Schwarz tells us more about her life with Benni. Benni Macaw is six months old and has lived with our flock for five months. Here’s my second report of the ups and downs in his education. He’s teaching me so much, because although I’ve worked with Macaws and had the marvellous Blue and Gold […]

An Old Parrot – Part 2

Dot Schwarz tells us more about Amazon Parrot Tiko. To read part 1 of an old Parrot click here.  Joanna The graphic details of Tiko’s wooing of Joanna are not for the squeamish reader. After five years living in the house, he chose her for his mate and courted her, finding and preparing nest sites in furniture […]

An Old Parrot – Part 1

Dot Schwarz looks at old Parrot Tiko.  Click here to read part 2 of this article.    Not many of us Parrot carers will have enjoyed the experience of Professor Joanna Burger. Along with her husband Michael Gochfield, shares her life with Tiko, a red-lored Amazon who is now over sixty years old.   Joanna   Joanna says: […]

My First Macaw

Dot Schwarz talks about her first Macaw Benni. Should someone over 70 accept a Macaw? Rationally no, but one day I will have to find homes anyway for my other pet Parrots. And living with a Macaw has been a dream. A friend for whom I’d done a favour, offered me one out of his […]

Some Thoughts On Conservation And Why It Matters

Dot Schwarz explains why conservation is important. The global loss of species is even worse than previously thought. The London Zoological Society (ZSL) in its new Living Planet Index suggests populations have halved in 40 years, as new methodology gives more alarming results than in a report two years ago. Many birds are counted amongst […]

Parrot Intelligence – Part 2

Dot Schwarz explains even more about Parrot intelligence.  To read Part One of Dot’s blog on Parrot intelligence, click here. For more information on training and behaviour please click here.  Tool using When I was at school – many years ago – we were taught that only humans used tools. This dictum has been amply disproved. Here […]