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Dot Schwarz

What Types Of Natural Food and Toys Are Suitable For Parrots?

Here are natural foods your Parrot can enjoy eating. Many natural items that you can give to your birds cross the boundaries between what is a food item and what is a toy.  You can find natural objects from which the Parrot will gain nourishment and also play with. But are these items collected from […]

Feather Plucking | What Is It And How To Stop It?

Dot Schwarz explains the medical, behavioural and environmental reasons that Parrots feather pluck, and what you can do to stop it. Feather Destructive Behaviour Feather plucking, also known as FDB (Feather Destructive Behaviour) is not seen in wild Parrots. It’s a behaviour of captive bred or wild caught Parrots, living in homes or aviaries. You […]

Why Do Parrots Moult?

Dot Schwarz explains why Parrots moult.  Did you know that it is now assumed that some dinosaurs had feathers? This substantiates the view that birds evolved from prehistoric reptiles. Anyone who lives closely with pets like dogs, cats and birds knows that birds are NOT mammals in their physiology or their psychology. And one of […]

What To Consider Before Buying A Parrot

Dot Schwarz explains what to consider before buying a Parrot.  You are thinking of buying a Parrot or you have been offered a second-hand one. You are not sure yet if it’s a yes or a no.  Is there any way of finding out whether a Parrot is the right choice for you?  Good news  […]

Crate Training Your Parrot

Dot Schwarz explains about crate training your Parrot. Read more about training Parrots here.  A friend recently asked why Perdy a ten year old Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo enters a crate easily. Here’s my report of how I learned to crate train in Florida and transferred the method to my own birds. I ask both African Greys and Perdy to enter […]

How Do Parrots Communicate?

Dot Schwarz tells us how Parrots communicate in her blog. Body Language Birds use their whole body, their eyes and their feathers to communicate messages to others. These messages can be obvious and almost any animal could interpret their meaning. Other body language signals may be subtle and experience will be needed to interpret it […]

An Advanced Parrot Training Workshop in Holland

Dot Schwarz talks about a workshop she went to in London. Read more about training Parrots here.  I don’t take summer holidays but go on training workshops instead. I’ve just completed a three day, hands on Advanced Parrot Training Workshop led by Barbara Heidenreich. Harwich I took the Stena ferry from Harwich and my internet friend […]

Greys Are Fun!

Dot Schwarz tells us why African Greys are fun. I take Artha and Casper for an outing wearing their harnesses shopping or to the park. I’m often asked, ‘How do they get to be so well behaved?’ Here are some answers.   First piece of luck was that having decided that African Greys were the best choice for elderly […]

Advice On Harness Training

Dot Schwarz has advice on harness training. The many visitors to Think Parrots this year who had their Parrots on a harness were frequently asked by other visitors. ‘How do you train that?  Is it easy?’ The answer to that question is the same as the answer to this one – how long is a piece of […]

Think Parrots 2015 Review

If Aladdin had been a Parrot keeper, his cave could have been at Kempton Park on June 21 at the Think Parrots Show. Now in its fourth year, it is becoming an institution. Was it the June sunshine or the presence of pet birds on their owners’ shoulders, or in spacious flights and cages that […]