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Dot Schwarz

How Do Parrots Help Us?

Dot Schwarz tells us about Parrots that are helpful. Let me tell you about two Parrots that I’ve met recently.  Mia’s story is how a Parrot’s life changes for the better with a suitable home. Rio’s story has that element, too, but also how Rio has changed Josh’s life. Mia            First […]

Parrot Mealtimes: All Day Or Set Times?

Anything concerning opinions on Parrot husbandry is controversial. In this blog, I shall maintain that set Parrot mealtimes have more advantages than food bowls kept filled or filled once a day. Two main strands inform my views. The Parrot’s health and the Parrot’s learning sessions. Choosing a diet Vets claim that many Parrot illnesses (sometime […]

Taking Parrots to Parties

Dot Schwarz has advice on taking Parrots to parties. Parrots and parties combine; you can do it if you have strong nerves, well-socialised Parrots and friends who aren’t bird-phobic. There are two types of Parrot parties and a third hybrid type. First come parties for people where Parrots are allowed to attend, either loose or restrained […]

Night Frights And Associated Perils

Night frights in birds, particularly young birds, aren’t that dissimilar to those your toddler may have experienced. Waking up sobbing (toddler) and terrified or thrashing the cage bottom (Parrots). Research has shown that birds dream but has not yet shown that they have nightmares. However the blind manic they display has to be assuaged. Reassurance […]

How To Keep Your Parrot The Right Temperature

Here is how to keep your Parrot the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold just RIGHT.  Goldilock’s experience with the three bears’ porridge applies equally well to the temperature at which we keep our birds or force them to endure. Parrots come for the tropics – right? So, you’d expect them to be […]

Think Parrots 2018 Review

Dot Schwarz reviews Think Parrots 2018. What is it about Think Parrots, the annual Parrot show sponsored by Northern Parrots and organised by Parrot Magazine? How do the organisers organise a sunny day in UK several years in a row?     The setting is idyllic, green lawns, a spacious convention hall with plenty of space […]

Are Parrots Messy?

Dot Schwarz reveals more about messy Parrots. Are Parrots the messiest pets in our homes? My answer would be yes, they are. My cats and dogs go outside to poop. Both dog’s and cat’s dinner bowls are so licked clean that they hardly need washing. Messy Parrots  My Parrots?  Being an advocate of what is […]

Overbonding And Parrots

Dot Schwarz looks at how Parrots bond and what you can do to prevent overbonding in her latest blog. Most Parrots who live with us are now born in captivity – pet animals. But they are genetically still wild creatures. Although people have kept Parrots for centuries, breeding has only been established in any great […]

From Weaning To Growing Up

Dot Schwarz tells us more about weaning your Parrot.  Weaning  I ended my last blog with the words: The chick is now fully feathered and staggering towards you for what is probably his only formula feed of the day. He is growing up.  What happens next? Now the baby is weaned – eating two meals […]

Baby Parrots

Dot Schwarz tells us more about baby Parrots.  Evolution is supposed to have been the catalyst that makes baby animals look cute so that their parents will look after them. Big eyes, round tummies, piercing cries. Sound familiar, Mums and Dads? Is this the same for baby Parrots? The first ones I saw in my breeder’s […]