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Dot Schwarz

Katala – Protecting the Red Vent Cockatoo – PART 1

Dot Schwarz explains more about her visits to Katala Non-Parrot people criticise me for caring as much about Parrots as I care about people. Let me explain. The traditional Christian point of view states that God set man dominion over all the animals. Humans But instead of seeing humans as the apex of creation, we […]

Do Parrots Get Along With Children?

As it’s National Kids and Pets Day on April 26th, Dot Schwarz takes a look at how children and get along when they live together in the same house. National Kids and Pets Day was started in 2005. It was started by Colleen Paige, who recognised the importance of pets in the home. Parrots and […]

Why Parrots Need Aviaries

Dot Schwarz tells us why Parrots need aviaries.  Aviaries have been kept for centuries throughout the world to house some of the world’s most beautiful birds. And they still are. In zoos and bird parks large walk-through aviaries allow visitors to walk among free flying birds. The birds are captive but can still take to […]

Parrot Books | What We Can Learn From Reading Books About Parrots

Dot Schwarz tells us what you can learn about Parrots by reading Parrot books. Birds are the most studied group of animals in the world, and consequently, books about them are numerous. Bird books were initially focused on identifying birds. Even into the 20th century ‘bird spotting’ was a common phrase among country boys. Thomas Bewick […]

Can Parrots House Share?

Dot Schwarz tells us if Parrots can house-share or not. Allowing a companion Parrot quality time outside of their cage is essential for their mental and physical well-being. Many of us humans are even uneasy about other humans sharing our living space. When Parrot and Parrot owner with vastly different lifestyles are sharing the house […]

How Parrots Benefit From Sunshine And The Great Outdoors

Dot Schwarz tells us how Parrots benefit from getting outdoors. All birds require sunlight and fresh air. Birds (an exception is the cave dwelling oil bird from South America with similar habits to a bat) all other birds have a physical requirement for sunlight and fresh air. Fresh air sounds a vague term. Surely air […]

Which Parrot Species Live Well Together?

Dot Schwarz tells us which Parrot species live well together. How many of us start off with one bird and end up with more? The greater majority I’d imagine. As many different types of Parrot owners exist as there are Parrot species, and what suits one Parrot owner won’t be practical for another. In many […]

Do Parrots Understand What They Say?

Do Parrots understand what they ay? Dot Schwarz tells us more.  An incident at home a few years ago. My elder daughter Habie was visiting from London.With the bathroom door ajar, she was in the shower and  heard her father, outside calling out, ‘Morning, Hab.’ She yelled back. ‘I’m in the shower.’ The voice repeated, […]

Microchipping – Keeping Parrots Safe And Other Precautions

Dot Schwarz tells us how to use microchipping to keep your Parrot safe.  Two cautionary anecdotes A friend’s African Grey flew out of an open door. A couple of days of worried searching, the distraught owner Carol, found out that Monty (not their real names) had been taken in by a woman who lived a […]

Caring For Your Parrot’s Feathers

Dot Schwarz explains how to care for your Parrot’s feathers. What’s heavier – a ton of coal or a ton of feathers? God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. Jacques Duval Those of us who keep birds agree that feathers are one of nature’s most beautiful objects. How […]