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Barbara Heidenreich

5 Myths About Parrot Behaviour You Need To Know

Here are 5 myths about Parrots you need to know. When you are learning about Parrots, it is often quite natural to turn to the internet for information. Chat groups in particular often have people who are very happy to talk about Parrots and offer advice.  Sometimes the advice can be based on old information […]

10 Ideas For The New Year of Training

Barbara Heidenreich has new year training ideas for you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody does the health and fitness resolution for the New Year. But animal people are different, aren’t we? Why break tradition now? How about some New Year’s resolution ideas that will benefit you and the animals in your life?   Here are 10 ideas […]

A Commitment to Kakapo – Working with Parrot Conservation

I am currently in New Zealand working with the Kakapo Recovery Program once again.  Sirocco is doing fine and is happily roaming his own Island. This time the focus is on this year’s chicks that are living on Codfish Island, a very special private island close to Stewart Island. Project I have only been here […]

Why Train Kakapo? Parrot Conservation

Barbara Heidenreich tells us why you should train Kakapo. Conservation projects are all about saving wild birds, the emphasis of course being on the word “wild.” Training Training tends to conjure up images of pet birds and cute tricks and seems on the surface quite contradictory to keeping birds wild. However conservation involves more than […]

Easy Parrot Training – Capture a Behaviour by Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich explains how to capture a behaviour. If I had the chance I would love to train a Palm Cockatoo to present this behaviour on cue. To train a behaviour like this we use a process called capturing. And it is very much like it sounds. We try to catch the animal in the act […]

Tips to Get Started Training Your Parrot by Barbara Heidenreich

Are you looking forward to training your Parrot? It can be a lot of fun for you and your bird as long as you are prepared. Before you have your first training session here are a few tips to help make sure you have a great session. 1. Pick a location to train. Training is fun if […]

Tips to Make Veterinary Visits Stress Free

Here is how to make veterinary visits stress free.  Many of our pets don’t like going to the veterinary hospital. it is difficult for us to see our companion animals upset. The good news is training can make a difference, as Barbara Heidenreich explains. Behaviours When it comes to companion Parrots there are very few […]

Parrot Training Challenges – Training Kakapo Chicks

Barbara Heidenreich tells us more about Kakapo chicks. One of the cornerstones of animal training is to set your environment so that it is easy for your Parrot to do what you want. This often means arranging your props just right, having a stash of the perfect training treats and making the set up comfortable […]

Skype Q & A on Parrot Behaviour Problems with Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich answers your Parrot questions on Parrot behaviour problems.  Party Recently Dr Susan Clubb and Terry Timberlake organized a great bash for Parrot enthusiasts called The Rainforest Parrot Party. It was held in Florida and well attended by 400 Parrot loving people. I was invited to participate too. But due to living 1000+ miles […]

Tips for Training Difficult Behaviours…Like Nail Trimming

Barbara Heidenreich has advice on managing difficult behaviours.  “Go Slow to Get There Fast” is a phrase you will hear me say over and over at my Parrot training workshops. Behaviours It’s quirky, ironic, a little ambiguous ……..and it works to help caregivers achieve amazing behaviours. So what exactly does this catchy little phrase mean?  Some may interpret […]