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Barbara Heidenreich

Help, My Parrot Won’t Step Up

Barbara Heidenreich explains how to teach your Parrot to step up. It has been reiterated for years in the companion Parrot literature…your Parrot must obey the step up command! Obey and command. Words For me these words carry strong implications. I visualize a Parrot with no desire to step up onto the hand being forced […]

What All Pet Owners Should Know

Here is what Barbara says all pet owners should know.  I was recently asked a question for an article. What would you like all pet owners to know? Here are a few of my thoughts. 1. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. It can be easy to man handle our pets. However using […]

Parrot Toy Safety

Barbara Heidenreich has Parrot toy safety advice.  For fun toys for your Parrot please click here.  Apparently whenever a weird sound comes from my Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot’s cage I say “Are you all right?” Because now my bird, Delbert offers an “Are you all right?” whenever he falls off a perch or plays so rough with […]

Building Trust With Your Parrot

Barbara Heidenreich explains how to build trust with your Parrot.  Read more about training Parrots here.  Today I was stroking my Yellow – naped Amazon Parrot Delbert’s foot. I was marvelling at how such a little tiny creature would sit there so relaxed while I gently touched him. Seriously, it really is a moving experience when […]

Parrots And Sense Of Smell

Barbara Heidenreich explains about Parrots and sense of smell, why they smell how they do and scent detection in Parrots. For more on training and behaviour please click here. I always find it interesting how knowledge changes. We are told one thing for years and then suddenly Whammo! There is undeniable evidence that what you have […]

Training Tips And Parrot Bites | Training Parrots Not To Bite

Find out more about Parrot bites. As a proponent of positive reinforcement training, one of my goals is to avoiding doing anything that creates the situation in which a Parrot may be inclined to bite. Cues That means avoiding force, reinforcing for desired behaviour like stepping onto my hand when cued or off as the […]

Parrots Can Change Your Life

Barbara Heidenreich explains how Parrots can change your life.  For more on training and behaviour please click here. .  Are the animals in your life your family? I know mine are. Of course I do have a human family and wonderful friends. But my animals are my constants. I can count on their joy when I […]

My Parrot Is Afraid Of Toys

Barbara Heidenreich explains what to do if your Parrot is afraid of toys.  Positive reinforcement strategies involve focusing on kind and gentle methods to teach your bird that circumstances that were once frightening now result in desired consequences. To better demonstrate how to apply the principles let’s work through an example. Imagine trying to introduce […]

Respecting The Bite | Why Parrots Bite And How To Stop It

Barbara Heidenreich explains more about Parrots biting and respecting the bite. I am a wuss. I admit it. Oddly enough I think it has worked in my favour when it comes to working with animals. I don’t “take the bite” whether it is from a mosquito, a Parrot or a lion. Power In fact I […]

Connecting With A New Parrot

Barbara Heidenreich explains how to connect with a new Parrot.  I spend a great deal of time on the road teaching Parrot training workshops, meeting new Parrots, making a connection with them, and then training behaviours such as step up, take medication from a syringe, interact with towels and so on.  Sometimes because I spend […]