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About The Assorted Brands

Find out more about the Assorted Brands. Here at Northern Parrots we’ve chosen a large selection of foods, toys, cages, accessories and supplements from the other leading brands that we haven’t listed elsewhere.  All the products are still of the highest quality, and we trust them to provide the best products for your Parrot. New products are […]

About The Parrot Society and World Parrot Trust

Dot Schwarz tells us more about The Parrot Society and World Parrot Trust.  Why would anyone want to pay an annual subscription to join an association? Hasn’t everyone got enough expenses? Keeping Parrots is NOT a cheap hobby. However, I’d like to explain why I believe we companion Parrot owners need professional associations. Help   […]

About TOP`S Parrot Food

Find out more about TOP’s Parrot food. TOP’S began in 2003. The founders wanted to create a Parrot food that was healthy, wholesome and perhaps most importantly Organic and use pellets that have been processed as little as possible. Totally Organic Pellets (TOP’S) only use the highest quality, human grade ingredients that have been chosen from […]

About Versele-Laga

Find out more about Versele-Laga. Versele-Laga has been producing delicious Parrot food and treats for over four decades. Vets, nutritionists, bird breeders and universities collaborate to continue to create more fantastic Versele-Laga products and enhance nutrition in any existing products. The team at Versele-Laga test each product carefully before it goes to be baked and distributed […]

About Vitakraft

Find out more about Vitakraft.  Vitakraft is one of the oldest pet food companies, having first been established in Germany in 1837.The company was founded by the Wuehrmann family in Bremen, Germany and is still run by the fifth generation of the same family today. History The business has grown considerably in size and now operates […]

About ZooMed

When ZooMed began over three decades ago they initially only produced products for the reptile industry. They created the very first UVB lighting equipment for reptiles and this design is now the basis for reptile lighting across the world for zoos, vets and reptile owners. History   ZooMed quickly developed and expanded their lighting range to include […]

About The Birdcare Company

Find out more about The Birdcare Company The Birdcare Company have been supplying Parrot supplements for over 20 years and have become the UK’s leading supplier in their sector. Avian vets across the country recommend their products and use them themselves on their clients. The Birdcare Company work closely with bird keepers to discover what problems […]

About Vetark

Find out more about Vetark. Vetark have been producing vitamins and minerals for exotic pets since 1988, making them one of the top experts in exotic pet nutrition. They work with vets wherever possible too and veterinary surgeons regularly use their products, along with zoos and breeders of birds. Zoos count on Vetark to provide their […]

About Xtra Vital

Find out more about Xtra Vital. Xtra Vital is owned by the Beaphar company. Beaphar was founded by Bernard Aa Phar during World War 2 and the business flourished during that time. They originally only sold health care products for dogs and cats, but soon saw the need to expand, and in the 1960’s and […]

About Vitapol

Vitapol have been producing high quality treats since 1992 and have an extensive catalogue. We import a core range of favourite flavours as well as regular new recipes that are sure to go down a treat! Budgies Vitapol treat sticks for birds and Parrots are a naturally healthy way for you to treat your pets. They […]